Vicious Aggression

Recently by Jack D. Douglas: The Petraeus-CIA Powergrab

The Secret U.S. War Against Iran, with massive support from the U.S. colonies of the U.K. and E.U., is now escalating very rapidly. [This War is a secret only among ignorant Americans cut off from world news. The rest of the world knows about it and Muslims know the terrifying details of what the U.S. has done.] Almost every day there are new, very dangerous attacks on Iran to which Iran is responding strongly in the firm believe that bowing to the Empire would produce only more attacks, very much as bowing to Hitler at Munich did.

This morning Iranian news announced that the Iranian counter-cyber-war forces were able to take control of a top-secret U.S. RQ-170 Stealth Sentinel Spy Drone over Iran and guide it to a landing intact. The Wash. Post, Reuters, et al., are reporting it but so far have no independent confirmation or U.S. denial. Later reports said Iranian officials said they shot it down in E. Iran near Afghanistan, an unnamed U.S. official said there was no evidence they shot it down but the U.S. front organization in Afghanistan said officially such a drone disappeared a week ago over W. Afghanistan near Iran and this may be it, so the Americans are making non-denial denials [probably in case the Iranians produce the drone on world tv news]. It is almost certain the U.S. is using this and other spy planes to map all of Iran for attacks. Some will go down, Whether Iran could take control of one with electronic warfare technology seems dubious. If it is in-tact, Russia and China will have the whole technology within days and reverse engineer the drones and Iran will have them. Iran has just brought on-line its first operational drones produced in Iran, probably with Russian and Chinese help.

Whether real or part of the daily escalation of psy-ops warfare unleashed by the U.S. War Against Iran, this is just one more major, daily escalation of that war which is extremely dangerous to Iran, the U.S. and the World.

The Iranians have learned from two centuries of modern attacks on them by Western Empires and Three U.S. Secret Wars Against Them [in 1953 when the U.S. and U.K. secretly overthrew the new Iranian democracy to impose their oil friend, the Shah, and his terrorist secret police – SAVAK, the U.S. secret support for Hussein’s Iraq attack on Iran in the 1980’s, and now this protracted U.S. War] that they must fight or become slaves of terrorist puppets. They are now part of the Great Awakening of Islam that is sweeping the vast one and a half billion people Islamic World. They are uniting more and more with Turkey, Egypt and other nations such as Lebanon and Palestine against the Empire the Iranians call “The Great Satan” for obvious reasons, having suffered so horrifically for half a century from U.S. secret wars against them.

They have the means and appear to have the will to fight to close down the Persian Gulf Oil exports to the world, about 40% of the total, if the U.S. War becomes a total war to the death. The Iranians insist that even embargoing Iranian oil exports, as the U.S. is threatening to do, will lead to oil at $250 a barrel, about 140% more than now [depending on type of oil].

The American people have no idea what a grave danger this Secret U.S. War is to them any more than they had the slightest idea of the realties in Korea, Vietnam, Palestine and the whole Middle East for a half century, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, China, Somalia, and on and on. They are the complete Dupes of the U.S. Secret, Corporate Controls over the Big Corp. Media reporting.

We are now in a situation of grave danger in which a massive Middle Eastern Oil War could erupt at any time, triggered by these insane U.S. attacks based on the absurd assumption that the Muslims can be enslaved once again by the U.S. and its puppets. Such a war will produce a Global Financial Implosion which the U.S. may not survive in-tact.

The Iranians have shown remarkable self-restraint in suffering this half century of American attacks and thievery of their oil, but everyone has a breaking point.