Military Life Is Easy

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Don't let the media or any brainwashed American tell you that being a service member is difficult. It was one of the easiest jobs in the world. I will concede to the facts that the training at times is physically demanding and risking your life for whatever you are fighting for seems difficult to the average person. However, the day to day life of a military person is mind-numbingly easy. Military members are trained to have a "kill or be killed mentality", so the whole notion that pulling a trigger overseas is difficult when someone is shooting back at you makes no sense. They certainly know what they are going over there to do. Some unfortunately love it. Coming back into the civilian world with that mentality is where the real hardships come into play. Still, how is the military life considered difficult?

You are told when to wake up, when to exercise, when to eat, when to work and essentially when to sleep with the exception being the times you go on leave to visit your family or some weekends. So let's say, for instance, you wake up late for work one day. The result is an ass chewing and nothing else. You still have your job. You wake up late more than once your supervisor writes it down on a piece of paper, there's another ass chewing involved, and you still have your job. You go to work completely wasted and you might be sternly told, "You shouldn't do that", but you still have your job. You show up for a specific training event completely wasted, somebody writes it down on a piece of paper, you still have your job, and get promoted to the role of a supervisor. Yes, I did all of that including much more I won't mention here and I still was promoted. Oh, and don't worry about paying for anything else.

Food, shelter, uniforms, and medical care all paid for by someone else also known as the taxpayer. The food is mediocre at best but at least you get your three square meals a day. Your uniforms all look the same. Your rank is placed on your collar which makes you feel really special depending on how many stripes you are wearing. This also tells you who you can order around and who can order you around. If one person in your group (company or platoon) screws up everyone gets punished. For instance, if a few people in your company receive punishment for the non-crime of DUI everyone in the company must attend a day long class on the weekend, so they can tell that drinking and driving is a bad idea. Submit and obey that's all you have to do. This all sounds like a collectivist's dream.

Most stupid decisions made by a soldier are forgiven by the military worshiping public. One marine had bought a car with a loan that had an interest rate of twenty percent. He was easily able to return his car to the dealer and give his loan back to the bank because nobody wants to anger "the few and the proud" who are fighting for our freedoms! There is plenty of room for failure in the military world. They do need a "perpetual flow of bodies" to the killing fields, as a military recruiter once told me. Ok, if the life of the troops is so simple then who has it the toughest?

The entrepreneurs, the workers, and those of us looking to find our way in this State infested society have it the toughest. Innovation and creativity are needed to make it in the business world, unless you're one of the few businesses aligned with the State. Then you can just lobby your way to prosperity and receive bailouts. The entrepreneurs have to deal with failure time and time again. They must adapt to and overcome their failures to create a better product than their competition lest their business fail once more. Combine this with having to navigate through and comply with all of the regulations of the Great Parasite and the life of an entrepreneur becomes even harder. Combine this with the fact that capital is being wasted by government at home and abroad to perpetuate their own interests. The entrepreneur now has to pay a much higher price to produce their product for the consumer which also means fewer consumers buying their products and fewer jobs for laborers. The laborers physically making these products or providing a service can't show up late or drunk since they would lose their jobs. This is not a daunting task for most people but compared to the military life it seems much more difficult. Their healthcare, food, and shelter are not given to them. They are earned by the public paying for these services or products. Let us commend the entrepreneurs who are still creating and innovating in spite of government interference. Lastly, to the U.S. military personnel unjustly around the world who believe your life is so difficult it is going to be ok. At least you are not an entrepreneur.