We May Age, But We Still Want To Play

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Sport supplements have been something I have left to the GNC’s and bodybuilders of the world – that is until recently when Jeff did a lot of research into them. For all of us who are aging, but still like to play tennis, run, or exercise, there are some things that help.

My favorite is d-ribose – a sugar that occurs naturally in the body for fueling the muscles. There is a lot of research on d-ribose. It is used in fairly high levels for chronic fatigue, heart disease and fibromyalgia. And it is also used for people like me who do challenging exercise classes and 3 mile runs several times a week. What I like about it is that it keeps that spring in my step and helps keep me from getting sore. It is available in powders and chewable tablets. We usually have a sample open, so stop by if you would like to try it.

Branched-chain amino acids are another product that helps improve performance and reduce muscle breakdown during intense exercise. I have used these in much smaller doses than recommended with good results. These amino acids are actually useful in other areas. According to WebMD, they are used to treat ALS, brain issues related to hepatitis and to slow muscle wasting in people confined to bedrest. Some people use them to increase energy and concentration.

The other part of sports related issues deals with injury. There are some really good natural pain relievers that help reduce inflammation and pain while helping the body recover. I am not fan of NSAIDS, such ibuprofen and acetaminophen, as they do reduce pain and inflammation, but they interrupt the recovery process and block cartilage formation.

One of the best selling natural supplements in the nation for pain, swelling and bruising due to injuries is arnica montana, a homeopathic that is very safe. There are several forms of arnica – pills and gel, plus it is part of successful formulas such as Traumeel.

Another great supplement for inflammation is enzymes. Some people like bromelain – an enzyme from pineapple. Our best seller is something called Intenzyme that helps reduce inflammation. These enzymes have to be taken on an empty stomach so that they will break down inflammation instead of digesting your food . They also will thin the blood, so people on blood thinning medication cannot take them. These enzymes will also help reduce symptoms of gout and can be used for chronic inflammation such as arthritis.

I also use herbals for pain and inflammation. I like blends of boswellia, devils claw and white willow bark. Yucca is another herb that is useful – especially with bone, ligament or cartilage damage. I recently used a blend of these on one of my horses who injured his stifle and now have him back ready to ride.

There are many good supplements on the market. Find a good quality product that works for you and get naturally free of pain and inflammation while increasing your energy and decreasing your recovery time.

Margaret Durst owns The Green House, a vitamin, herb and health food store in Mason, Texas.