There’s No ‘Fair Share’ of Taxation

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Newtie last night admonished the public to be “humane” when it comes to illegal aliens. He, like all modern statists, is very generous – with other people’s money.

The main objection probably most people have is not that people come here from places such as Mexico and Central/South America. What they object to is the way our system spreads out an endless buffet line of benefits for them. All of these treats – including “free” education and health care – funded by an onerous tax system that squeezes them mercilessly while doing little to force the illegals to pay their (cough) “fair share.”

To be clear: I don’t want anyone to be forced to pay their “fair share” – because there is no such thing as a “fair” share of redistributionist taxation. Not one of us “owes” anyone else a thing, except goodwill and mutual respect for each others’ rights.

The problem is we have a welfare state – huge and unaccountable and utterly out-of-control. So long as that exists, the citizens – the taxpayers – have every reason to object to flooding the country with people who, almost to a man (and woman and child, too) will immediately avail themselves of “services” they haven’t paid for and impose additional costs on an already overburdened system – which inevitably leads to yet more and higher taxes on everyone except the illegals because they either don’t earn taxable income or the income they earn is off the books.

Bur Newtie wants to posture as broad-minded and generous … with other people’s money. In this way, he is exactly like the irresponsible “liberals” he supposedly opposes. Both agree on the essential rightness of jabbing guns under the chins of some people in order to “help” certain people. The only difference being which people will be on the receiving end – of the gun or the largesse.

This is typical of Newtie.

I worked in DC at the “conservative” Washington Times in the early-mid ’90s during the era of Newt’s ascent. Does anyone even remember the “Contract With America” and all that? Gee. We have so much less government today. Do you not feel free?

In fact, for those who can’t recall, Newtie was eager to roll in the hay with his supposed ideological opposites, Clintigula and congressional Democrats. Most infamously, he partnered with them to kill welfare reform – which was much discussed and actually might have succeeded back then. Peter Bradley over at wrote about this at length recently, including this Gingrich quote from an appearance on the TV show, Meet the Press back in ’96:

“We have to have an affirmative outreach which communicates our commitment that opportunity is really available to every American. The fact is, in America today, if you’re a poor black child, you don’t have a very good future compared to somebody who is born into an upper-class family or an upper-middle class family. We want to make sure everybody has the same opportunity.”

Expect him to say more or less the same thing about the children of illegal aliens. And again, his humanity would be admirable if it weren’t so counterfeit. There is something vile about so blithely disposing of the rightful property of others. It is a species of moral illiteracy that has come to characterize our age.

But Newtie is ascendant once again, in part because he can speak in complete (though labyrinthine) sentences and – relative to such as Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann – regarded as “smart.” It is not a high standard.

But to give Newtie his due, he isn’t stupid. In fact, he is very smart indeed. Just like Clintigula – and just like Obama. None of these men are dumb. They are just morally illiterate, which is much worse than ordinary immorality. At least people who shoplift or break into people’s homes know they are doing something wrong. They may not care that they are doing something wrong, but they are conscious of the fact that it is, indeed, wrong to steal and break into people’s homes. They will, for example, try to hide what they have done – and express regret and apologize when caught.

But a creature such as Newtie will never apologize. He will go on at length about “our” obligation (that is, yours and mine) to serve as compliant geldscheissers for the unending benefit of an unending conga line of strangers – both native-born and “illegal.” Eloquent words will be spoken – and perhaps Ten Point Plans revealed. We may even get a new Contract With America.

It will be a contract with only one signatory – and executed without “America’s” consent. But it will make Newtie feel big.

Humane, even.