Isn't It Interesting...

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As most of the media raves incessantly over the “Romney vs. Perry” or “Perry vs. Romney” debate event that was mostly an un-event, I find it quite interesting that an editor who was once editor and senior editor of the New Republic magazine, a “largely left of center” publication on politics and arts, has had the foresight to skip the nominee circus antics and go to the real threat to Obama’s re-election hopes ~ Ron Paul. Mr. Lane doesn’t waste time on the two-pony race presently being promoted by all and sundry, but goes right for the dark horse who will walk away with that title after all who sprang off their marks ahead of the gun (so to speak) drop out.

Unfortunately, after that meritorious recognition of truth (which most of the MSM diligently avoids mentioning at any cost) he then resorts to weaseling instead of presenting any real arguments to support his attempts to shoot down Dr. Paul’s ideas. Instead of providing evidence to refute today’s value of a silver dime, he ridicules the idea of coining sound money as being “18th century” out-of-date thinking.

Rather than actually dispute the fact that “cutting $20 billion a year for air conditioning in Afghanistan and Iraq” would save millions of dollars a month that could be used to pay down our debt and fund programs here at home that people still depend on, Mr. Lane calls the idea “an urban myth”. His explanation as to why it’s a myth appears to be based on two facts: 1) the Pentagon disagrees and 2) the logistics officer the numbers originated with now sells energy-conservation equipment instead of computing logistical costs. Neither are very convincing in my opinion, but readers can decide for themselves.

As for the comments in regards to “border fences” possibly being used for control of people or capital we’ll just ignore the previous Berlin Wall and present Gaza Walls as possible proof. Thankfully Mr. Lane can agree that our governments own over-regulation of the airline industry played a role in 9/11, although he prefers to ignore facts reported by the CIA regarding the causes of 9/11.

Score 1 for big step for truth and 2 big steps for weaseling.

Reprinted with permission from The Weasel Radar.