Congratulations on Leaving the War Cult

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Hello Brian

I set out a few years ago dismayed with the Republican Party I had whole heartedly supported for years to find an alternative. It bothered me to hear so called conservatives say “I am a Fiscal Conservative” but now you do not hear “I am a Social Conservative”. Where are the Morals?

Why is it that we do not hear much about the Constitution Party? After doing research into alternative parties I realized, as a believer in Jesus Christ, in good conscience could not support the Libertarian Party because they are socially more liberal than Liberal Democrats. Some examples are legalization of drugs, prostitution, gambling and I'm not sure about the abortion issue. It appears the freedom to choose is in line with them. The websites and blogs seem to make fun of Christians and there seems to be a lack of support for Israel.

Now as for the Constitution Party, where are they? I get their newspaper. Their representatives do not get any press as far as I know. They seem to be the party that fits me.

Yet everything seems to boil down to this: Do I back a party that stands on the Constitution but is Liberal on Morals or stand with a party that stands on the Constitution, has a Moral Stand but is in the shadows? I guess being an Independent, knowing what each party stands for and looking at each candidate individually is the key. It boils down to: what is right, moral and taking a stand regarding those things .I have an instruction manual with guidelines and principals that never fail when put into action. We live in a day when men seek to do what is right in their own eyes, making themselves a god and forgetting what made America great.

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(Presented reasonably close to the original)

Congratulations on your departure from the Warfare Party. Since Morality is your major issue, let's start there.

Supporting illegal and immoral wars is a fatal flaw of both parties. That said, I don't know that there is any productive future attempting to harmonize faith in Jesus Christ with the "morality" of a political party; the two appear to be polar opposites. However, there may be a basis for at least understanding the principles involved which could lead to a positive, more comprehensive conclusion.

First, let's agree that politics/political parties are in place to run the Government: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Communist, Constitution and their respective philosophies interpreting and applying their concept of what constitutes "governance" in America. From both a moral and logical perspective, we can reduce the number of moral parties/philosophies down to one by applying the pragmatic reality of two words: Force and Choice.

All political philosophies – except libertarian – enthusiastically employ the use of government force to achieve their agenda. One example is their unilateral endorsement of the income tax. While enshrined in the 16th Amendment, its history is as problematic as its alleged morality. Most everyone would agree paying income taxes is hardly "voluntary" as the government myth goes; rather it is extortion of private property through the monopoly of force wielded by Government. "Force" – as opposed to voluntary participation and reason – radiates from all sizes and stages of Government. George Washington famously said, "Government is Force." An immoral/illegal act is not sanctified because it is practiced by Government. And yet, all political philosophies –except libertarianism – endorse the agencies, regulations, taxes, fines backed by men with guns to enforce them. To my knowledge, the Constitution Party does not take a contrary stand.

"Choice", the greatest freedom of all, separates libertarianism from all the other political philosophies. Libertarianism is the belief in and practice of self-governance, the freedom to choose while simultaneously accepting responsibility for the consequences of that choice. The only caveat, whatever the "choice", that it does not aggressively trespass another's right to choose for himself. Some call it the Right To Be Left Alone.

Based on the above, Libertarianism is the only moral political philosophy in American politics. The use of force and coercion is not encouraged, practiced or tolerated; Liberty and Freedom to choose are paramount. You could say the Golden Rule embodies much of the libertarian philosophy. That isn't to suggest that Libertarians are not imperfect or "fall short of the glory of God" in any way. It is to say that the libertarian application of Freedom through self-governance and free choice is most akin to that of the Founding Dads and furthest from Force embraced by the others.

Your objections to legalization of drugs, prostitution, gambling are excellent examples of application of that morality. Libertarians do not endorse drugs, prostitution, gambling, abortion or any other contentious issues. No libertarian is forced to agree or disagree with any of those things; they and you are free to choose – and accept the responsibility for your choice. Libertarians endorse Freedom, Liberty and Individual Responsibility. If I recall correctly, the Bible endorses Free Will and Free Choice in that God didn't create a planet full of pre-programmed robots. Scripture strongly admonishes the reader to make the right choices, then presents instructive examples, histories and parables of those who did (and did not) and the subsequent results. But ultimately, God gave us Free Will and Free Moral Agency with the ability to reason and freedom to choose accordingly. Sure, we can choose incorrectly – but God sanctions that free choice. It is up to the individual to choose wisely – but it is up to the individual.

It is not up to Republicans, Conservative, Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Communists, Green, Constitution Party apparatchiks or libertarians to dictate through Government force of law what our choices must be. Libertarianism is the only political philosophy which totally endorses your right and freedom to choose.

If you prefer a Party that will somehow enforce what you believe Jesus Christ wants us to do, then I would suggest you are angling for a Theocracy. The Bible promises that, too. But I don't recall God placing responsibility for establishing and running it in the hands of any earthly power – or political party.

Good luck in your search.