Monkey-Wrenching the Gears of Government

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Congressman Ron Paul was on the show with me last week to discuss the aftermath of the kabuki dance politicians and media alike dubbed the Great Debt Ceiling Debate. (Note: Winston Smith, Newspeak Department, is busily re-working (see also: "debauching") the definition of "debate" for our common parlance). I inquired about the constitutionality of the new "Supercommittee," part of the recently enacted legislation which empowers a Gang of 12 (6 Idiots and 6 Criminals) to expectorate alleged "solutions" to the lingering problems left unresolved by the Gutless Morons (see also: "Congressmen" and "Senators") who voted "Aye" (or possibly "Oye!") for this pitiful display of doo-doo diligence in a representative democracy. An "up or down" vote would follow. No questions asked, answered, debated or amended. "There is nothing to see here….These are not the droids you're looking for….."

As expected, Dr. Paul unhesitatingly pronounced the arrangement "unconstitutional" to which point I asked: who, then, would file the Constitutional challenge to forestall this latest end-run around The Rules? He paused and mused for a moment, then pointed out the difficulty proceeding in such matters because the courts have established a history of denying "Standing" to the individual or group bringing the suit.

Two days later, in The Hill, Paul indicated "…that he might challenge the creation of a new “supercommittee” in Congress aimed at finding $1.5 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade."

On CNBC Thursday, Paul said, "I would challenge it in the courts and say that it is not a constitutional function…There’s no authority to have a super-Congress who takes over for what the House and Senate are supposed to do.”

Memo to Congressman Paul: SIC ’EM!


Likely you are familiar with the proverb: "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission." It works in conjunction with this axiom: "Most politicians begin every day betting their careers on the preponderance of ignorance, apathy or sheer stupidity of the voter."

That's how the entire country is being played by politicians at every level. No, this is not a Divine Revelation and Yes, I realize this has been The Game for decades if not centuries. Yet I think we might agree the total abrogation of Constitutional restraint has come out from behind closed doors of smoke-filled rooms to Full Monty admissions, intentions, even encouragements to commit the rape of the Rule of Law on (what passes for) the Evening News.

And the country yawns while the battle rages.

Yes, there are soldiers in the trenches daily engaged in brain-to-brain combat for the soul of America: a handful of radio/TV talk shows, blogs, salvos from and others, broadsides from the Pauls and too few allies, informational shrapnel exploding from book bombs dropped by Tom Woods, James Bovard, Andrew Napolitano, Walter Williams. Recon suggests Our Side might be gaining ground!

But then we arrive at the Dismal Swamp of Litigation: the Courts, where the protection of Freedom hits the morass of jurisprudence and we find more asses than prudent jurists.

As of this scribbling, Congressman Paul has not been forthcoming with a Plan of Attack. But I, for one (and you for two) shall encourage him – as strongly as civil vocabulary allows – to engage the Leviathan and bind him with the strongest legal restraints available. And expediently! The game plan, "Run Out The Clock," is the dirty not-so secret strategy already employed in the absurdly lethargic litigation to nullify "ObamaCare." Sports fans (other than baseball and chess) know the longer this "game" goes on, the harder it is (so the Courts have claimed) to uproot the "administrative accommodations and preparations" already put in place anticipating the coming New Bad Deal.

Possession Arrow: Bad Guys.

[Aside: No, Johnny, it doesn't matter that it's unconstitutional. Red tape, bureaucracy and the daily convenience of our beloved pencil-pushers trump the principles and ideals of the Founding Dads. Now eat your peas.]

With a December 23rd deadline (love the date), it is imperative Congressman Paul –and/or any person/organization with the required court-approved "Standing" – throw the Bullshi*t Flag into and onto the Courts to slam on the brakes – before the Demolition Derby between the Constitution and Tyranny continues.

Next time: Mixing Metaphors Using Keyboard and Spoon.