Who’s Afraid of Ron Paul?

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Bankers, War Mongers, Drug Dealers, The New York Times, The Military Industrial Complex, the Neo-Cons, The Wall Street Journal, The DEA, Organized Crime, The CIA, the FBI, The FDA, The Department of Education, The Federal Reserve and the IRS.

“With politicians like these, who needs terrorists?” ~ Ron Paul

Ron Paul is neither a big man nor a loud one and his polite demeanor effectively disguises a vicious fighting spirit. No other politician in recent history has been the been lone dissenter on so many congressional votes. From Mother Teresa to Gaza, only one man dissented: Ron Paul. He transcends party lines, confusing the mass media who are not sure whether he is a radical left wing peace nick or a John Birch Manchurian candidate.

Right or Left?

“We can achieve much more in peace than we can ever achieve in these needless, unconstitutional, undeclared wars.” ~ Ron Paul

As shocking as it may seem to The New York Times, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN, The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence actually call for a peaceful, free Republic unencumbered by Government.

What other member of Congress is for ending the war on drugs, phasing out Medicare and Medicaid, making Social Security optional, legalizing prostitution, ending The Fed, halting all aid to Israel, lowering taxes, and closing all American military bases abroad? How do you define Ron Paul within the current political spectrum? You can’t. He simply doesn’t fit into any of the convenient labels available for the two party charade. The Ivy Leagued Wall Street/Washington nexus doesn’t know what to make of man who is against two of the most dreaded things in life: war and taxes.

Is Ron Paul a Radical?

“I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas.” Ron Paul

This is probably the most vexing question regarding Ron Paul. He is so sensible that he is considered radical. Take for example his foreign policy. He believes Europe, Israel and South Korea are all wealthy and capable enough to defend themselves and considering the enormous US budget deficits, he thinks we should close our foreign bases and bring our soldiers home. This is called radical.

On the other hand, jumping into the fray with Libya while we are engaged in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen is considered mainstream. How many politicians could even articulate, for example, why we fought the war in Iraq?

What is fascinating about the Ron Paul phenomena is that even in mainstream newspapers there is not one columnist as "radical" as Ron Paul. From The Wall Street Journal, to The New York Times, and The Washington Post, there is no one who consistently calls for an end to all foreign wars and a peaceful, mind your own business foreign policy.

The Great One

The war in Iraq had to be the biggest lie ever told to the American people, until Barack Obama was elected President. Tax cuts for the rich and more wars for the weary. Never again should the American people allow themselves to be sold a "brand" instead of an agenda.

Paul Newman was a fine actor, but he couldn’t hold a candle to The Great One. Jackie Gleason had something unmistakably, unabashedly real about him. We should have listened to him in 2008; we didn’t. Will we listen to him in 2012?