Why Marlboros May Be a Better Investment Than Gold


"Americans are addicted to tobacco. Anything people ‘can’t live without’ will become essential trading materials," says Dan Martin.

Gold is the last thing Dan Martin would think of hoarding as he waits for the apocalypse he believes will occur next year.

Martin, a Desert Shield veteran and former Boeing aerospace engineer, has written a book called Apocalypse: How to Survive a Global Crisis, which, according to the author himself, will help readers survive “any global crisis, be it a natural disaster, a financial meltdown or, yes, even an alien invasion.”

“When things break down and infrastructure fails, people won’t know where to go,” he tells Minyanville. “They’ll run to gold first, since Mastercard, Visa, and Amex will be utterly useless. Banks are going to be gone, cash won’t be worth anything.”

Aside from weapons, which Martin maintains are absolute necessities to stave off “some unwanted post-apocalyptic guest [who] will want to liberate” your belongings, Martin is investing in a wholly different asset class:


While others debate the merits of owning one precious metal versus another, Martin, who happens to be a non-smoker, is loading up on as many Marlboros (MO) as he possibly can.

“Americans are addicted to tobacco,” he says. “Anything people ‘can’t live without’ will become essential trading materials.”

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