The Petraeus-CIA Powergrab

Recently by Jack D. Douglas: Soaring Rage Against the Oligarchs

The U.S. Party is now moving faster to concentrate power in the military, to expand U.S. murder attacks around the world, and to intimidate any critics in the ways totalitarian regimes do in their early days to silence critics as they consolidate their power and then use more open forms of terror and oppression. Obama appears to be more the front man for this rapid seizure of power, but we cannot yet tell now active he is in pushing it. [Hitler used the President of Germany as his front man, the Party secretly intimidated journalists and anyone in their way, and later became more open once they got the Enabling Act passed. The U.S. “Patriot Act” is an Enabling Act very similar to that, but not as extreme, so they are still using secret intimidation by the SS – Secret Service, CIA, FBI, etc.]

Gen. Petraeus has become the official head of the CIA to consolidate the Murder Black Ops of the CIA with those of the military forces. The Murder Drone Ops are being very rapidly expanded into a worldwide Murder and Invasion Special Ops Force. The Black Ops Death Squads expanded very rapidly under Petraeus’ commands in both Ira and Afghanistan-Pakistan.

Some nations are beginning already to resist these Murder Drone Ops. Pakistan just ordered the U.S. to stop launching Murder Drone attacks from the U S. base in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. Somalia has just exposed two recent instances of Drone Murders and subsequent invasions to seize bodies. Some of the forces fighting the U.S. Puppet Totalitarian Regime in Yemen have reported Drone Murders there.

It looks likely the U.S. will expand Drone Murder Ops into Mexico and other Latin nations. If so, this will drastically increase the rage against the U.S. that is sweeping that whole area, very much as has happened in the vast Muslim World. Pakistan has moved rapidly to ally with China in good part because of the soaring U.S. Drone Murder Ops in Pakistan under Petraeus as head of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Karzai, the erstwhile U.S. puppet in Afghanistan, has become more and more openly against the U.S. in good part because of Petraeus’ Murder Ops of all kinds.

Obama, Petraeus, and the whole regime apparently see the Drone Terror Campaign as a way of vastly increasing the U.S. imperial power. But it seems more likely at this time to be producing very powerful blowback effects, though few people dare speak out openly against this American Terrorism from the skies with Hell Fire Missiles. Even the Europeans are now becoming enraged at the U.S. over all kinds of U.S. tyrannical actions, including the U.S. Media Lynching of the presumptive socialist party presidential candidate and IMF head at the time. [The Socialists under Strauss-Kahn would almost certainly have ended Sarkozy’s continued submission to U.S. demands.]