Would I Compromise To Carry a Gun Legally?

Would I Compromise to Carry a Gun Legally? I Already Do

by Greg Perry

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If I am ever caught with a concealed weapon in today's world, I want to have a permit to show I am legal. Otherwise, my weapon will be taken and I will be hauled off to jail and face expensive penalties.

I would not sell my soul to save money. But getting legal is not difficult and although I and probably you find the whole concept disgusting and draconian, I see it as the best thing to do.

If and when the day comes when we cannot carry legally, I will carry illegally. Because I love my family more than I fear the government. But In the meantime, l can pay their bribe and stay legal for now.

You and I buy marriage certificates, driver's licenses, pay property taxes year after year long after we have paid off our properties, we pay gasoline taxes, sales taxes when we purchase at the store, and so on ad infinitum. We could find ways around every one of those and our lives would be extremely annoying and almost certainly our wives would not be happy with us not driving, not buying anything, not being legally married, etc. So we already compromise daily by paying them their unjust money.

As much as I despise all of it, I do have a threshold of compromise and we all do.

So I compromise and pay the thieves their concealed carry permit fee. Because my life would be destroyed if I did not pay it and then I was caught carrying a weapon. So either way we pay them. I choose to pay to remain under their radar now so I am not their target if caught.

If and when confiscation begins, will we be the first contacted? Maybe, but I sure am not going to give them all I have then. Are you? I doubt it.

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