The Jack Ass Show

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After the show, 2 olives and a grey goose yesterday, I steeled myself to watch a few minutes of the Jack Ass Show. The Jack Ass doesn’t have opinions, the Laws of Nature flow from his lips. JA doesn’t need to know economics or history. A word-a-day vocabulary is the knowledge of all knowledge. His audience doesn’t need to think. He already has all the answers.

JA thinks he is a man of principle. But he is an emotional rowboat lost at sea without a philosophical anchor. It takes years to lay a philosophical foundation and build a principled life on top of it. Any fool knows the right and wrong of the 10 Commandments. It takes wisdom to see the folly of pretty ideas that are really tyranny draped in velvet.

The whole manufactured point of his "talking points ad ridiculum" was the principled intransigence of the Tea Party Movement standing firm for real spending cuts in the so-called "debt debate". The hyper-ventilated allegation the Tea Partiers would be branded as "Extremists" and the confidence of the American people is a non-sequitur. The Tea Party Movement is the American people. It isn’t an organization that claims to represent anyone. It is a collection of individuals who associate in common cause. Many claim to be Tea Party leaders but they are charlatans walking in front of the parade. The Tea Party people listen to everyone. Take orders from none. And for better or worse, make their own decisions. They may not be the American people but they are a hell of a lot closer than a Jack Ass with a loud mouth and a TV studio.

When you assume the Republicans are shills for progressivism, the actions make sense and are easily predictable. If the Republicans won the Debt Debate, government spending would really be cut. Which of course, they don’t want. So they had to throw the fight. Unfortunately, like TV wrestling, it becomes more and more obvious the game is rigged. It’s as if the rulers in Washington don’t even care if we believe their staged fight. It’s just a kabuki ritual they have to perform before stealing more of our Freedom.

While we’re on the subject, let me add Sean to the list. He says all the right words but there is no brain behind them. He knows all the correct conservative answers but can’t defend them intellectually. He is like Abba: singing a song in English perfectly without understanding any of the lyrics.

Oh yes, why are the 38 at the same time "uncompromising and irrelevant"? It is the insecurity of emotional decision. They hated John Galt because of his confidence in his own beliefs. Where they had doubts, he had none. Hosts like the Jack Ass are never sure their opinion is right – yet they demand everyone agree with them. The uncompromising and principled make them loath themselves. The Principled Man is willing to stand alone with his beliefs because they were not formed from the consensus of others.

Tomorrow and the latest news await….