Homeland Security Theatre

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The word has a very distinct connotation. There’s nothing else that quite captures it…. Give me one word that captures the same image. One word. You name it, and I will use it.

~ Defense attorney Robin Weathers arguing for the admissibility of a profoundly vulgar epithet involving the emunctory orifice in the film From the Hip.

A few months after Iraqi national Waad Ramadan Alwan was allowed to immigrate to the U.S. as a refugee, he found himself unwittingly cast in a leading role in yet another installment of Homeland Security Theater. 

Someone identified in the criminal complaint as a “Confidential Human Source” (CHS) in the FBI’s employ – that is, a bit player from the Bureau’s large and ever-expanding troupe of agent provocateurs and “terrorism facilitators” – approached then-28-year-old Alwan to recruit him into an effort to aid mujahadeen fighters in Iraq.

The script written by the Louisville Joint Terrorism Task Force called for the FBI’s asset to pose as a representative of an unnamed “Hajii” with connections to Iraqi insurgents. After Alwan had been lured into the pseudo-plot, the role-playing stooge added a final decorative detail by claiming that he received money from Osama bin Laden – a claim that neither impressed nor interested the Iraqi, according to the account provided in the criminal complaint.

The Bureau’s bit player proposed that Alwan, who had taken up residence in Bowling Green, Kentucky, help train Iraqi insurgents in the manufacture and use of IEDs, and assist in smuggling weapons and a large amount of money to Iraq.

Alwan was let into the country in April 2009. A few weeks later, 21-year-old Iraqi

Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, who would be recruited by Alwan into the federally-choreographed “conspiracy,” arrived in the U.S. The FBI operation began just a few weeks later after Alwan’s arrival. The criminal complaint against Alwan states that he began “notionally assisting” the supposed plot “beginning in 2010.”

At least 19,000 Iraqi refugees were admitted to the United States that year; why was Alwan of particular interest to the Bureau? One possible answer is found in the fact that Alwan, a one-time employee at an electrical plant in Bayji, was a known insurgent.

From 2003-2006 Alwan took part in a number of ambushes involving IEDs, and was arrested by security personnel after one operation went awry. His fingerprints had been found on a wireless telephone base station used in an IED that failed to go off. That dud IED was found by occupation forces in September 2005.

Federal prosecutors have charged Alwan and Hammadi with several crimes – including “Conspiracy to Use a Weapon of Mass Destruction,” a category of armaments that includes any destructive device, no matter how trivial its yield, fashioned by anybody other that the United States government. The prosecutors refuse to say why the two Iraqis were let into the country, whether Alwan’s arrest in Iraq was known to federal officials, or what prompted the Bureau to target them for a “sting” operation. 

Res ipsa loquitir: Alwan and Hammadi were allowed to enter the U.S. for the precise purpose of being lured into an FBI false flag operation. That conclusion is suggested by the circumstantial evidence in this specific case, and justified by the fact that every significant “terrorist plot” supposedly disrupted by the FBI since 9/11 has been a Federal Government production. 

In making its pitch to potential patsies, the FBI is too smart to appeal to the seething hatred of all infidels that supposedly festers inside every young Muslim male. Instead, they exploit the perfectly understandable and thoroughly human resentment provoked by Washington’s invasion and occupation of Muslim countries. 

Were Peter King – former fundraiser for the most violent faction of the terrorist IRA – an honest man rather than a feckless demagogue, his hearings regarding the “radicalization of American Muslims” would focus on the unparalleled success enjoyed by the FBI in recruiting once-peaceable Muslim men into ersatz terrorist plots. The Bureau has isolated a formula that works: Rather than trying to rile up Muslims over the decadence of American culture and the general impudence of the infidels, FBI-trained provocateurs focus instead on the horrific human cost of Washington’s foreign policy.

In the case of Alwan and Hammadi, the Regime was given the gift of two young Iraqi males who had already been pre-radicalized as a result of their life experiences. 

Alwan was born in 1981 – the year after Saddam Hussein, in his role as Washington’s regional subcontractor, began his war with Iran – with Washington’s covert encouragement and material assistance. Alwan was still in diapers when the Reagan administration removed Saddam’s government from the roster of terrorism-supporting regimes, which permitted Washington to begin plying Baghdad with military and financial aid.

When Alwan was two years old, Donald Rumsfeld visited Baghdad as a presidential emissary, laden with promises of subsidies, military aid, and other forms of material and moral support. This included transfers of dual-use technology to Iraqi nuclear facilities, and tacit support for Iraq’s development and use of chemical weapons (even though Washington acknowledged that this would provoke Iran to expand its own use of chemical munitions).

In 1984, when Alwan was a toddler, President Reagan issued National Security Decision Directive 139, which made preventing the “collapse” of Saddam’s abominable police state a strategic priority.

Although  – or, perhaps, because – the war turned out disastrously for Iraq, Saddam continued to be a specially favored beneficiary of Washington’s imperial largesse until literally the eve of the 1991 Persian Gulf War. During the 12-year intermission in the Persian Gulf war, Washington imposed a deadly embargo that further entrenched Saddam’s rule while consigning hundreds of thousands of young Iraqis – many of them Alwan’s age – to an early death through avoidable illness or starvation.