Jim Rogers: Think 2008 Was Bad?

Daily Bell/Russia Today

Russia Today interviews Jim Rogers about the relationship between the United States and China. Rogers says, "The United States is trying to drive down the value of its currency … but that’s not a good policy." Rogers goes on to say that it is lunacy to think that the United States is going to prosper by the devaluation policy of the Federal Reserve.

Jim also thinks that the US has to face the fact that it is the largest debtor nation in the world and that the dollar is a terribly flawed currency. Its position as the world’s global reserve currency will end.

Rogers expects more currency crises and that this will force America and the world to take some serious action to change the system. And Rogers is stunned by how little the American people seem to care or be aware of the gravity of the US dollar fiat-money crisis.

The bottom line according to Rogers, "2008 was bad but the next time around is going to be even worse."