Ron Paul’s 15 Most ‘Extreme’ Positions

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Extremism is a sacred word in the bipartisan lexicon, solemnly reserved for willful and persistent deviations from the holy mainstream. For that reason, it is not extremism to favor a policy that led to 2 million deaths in Vietnam. Our mainstream politicians supported that, you see. It is not extremism to have favored the indefensible war in Iraq, which led to at least hundreds of thousands of deaths and four million people displaced. How could it be? Why, the Washington Post and the New York Times favored it!

How about a sanctions policy that led to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children? Even if this statistic were false, American officials, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former US Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, said half a million dead Iraqi children were "worth it." No mainstream outlet I am aware of has referred to Albright and Richardson as extremists.

For that matter, no one has been called an extremist for thinking it's all right for people to stick their hands down your pants at the airport. This is a matter of public policy, citizen.

Meanwhile, people typically accused of "extremism" in America are not responsible for even one death, and have usually been the people trying to prevent these deaths. The political and media establishments hope to drown out these dissident voices by labeling them "extremist," hoping most Americans will be too lazy to uncover how truly Orwellian that label is.

In that spirit, the left-wing Mother Jones magazine recently featured an article called "Ron Paul's 15 Most Extreme Positions." Oooh, extreme! Beware, citizen! Block your ears! You shall hear only those positions that have been approved for you by Mother Jones and National Review! For who could possibly dissent from both Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney? Only an enemy of society.

I have tried to keep videos on my YouTube channel brief, but I couldn't help myself this time. I went through all 15 "extreme" Ron Paul positions as fast as I could. Enjoy.