Can I Stop Taking My Shoes Off?

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Despite being one of the most cerebral societies in the history of the world, the Ancient Greeks condemned one of their greatest philosophers to death for asking too many inconvenient questions and pestering the status quo.

Certain things, as it turns out, are sacrosanct and beyond debate.

Good citizens, whether in Ancient Greece or today, are expected to fall in line with what they’re told, and any measure of dissent or intellectual discourse is met with derision and public ridicule. Anyone who questions the nation’s hallowed truths is labeled as an enemy… or at least, accused of supporting the enemy.

If Socrates were alive today, though, he would be busier than ever. As uncomfortable as it may be for many people, there are difficult questions that need to be asked.

Is it the nature of justice in America to order the assassination of someone located in another sovereign nation who has not been put on trial, no matter how evil he has been made out to be?

When a country spends 10-years and billions of dollars to chase a man around the world, only to find him ‘hiding in plain sight’ right next door to a country it has invaded, what does it say about its capability to keep the citizens safe?

As the mainstream media is presenting all the information passed along by the US government without questioning any of it, could there be another side to the story that is not being discussed?

In light of such an apparent ‘victory’, when will the civil liberties and financial privacies that have been taken so rapidly since 9/11 be reinstated?

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