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Get ready as secession is coming soon to a failed union near you. Over the weekend, the news has been full of reports about Scotland getting ready to vote on independence from the United Kingdom after the election victory by the Scottish National Party. The UK has stated it will abide by the coming referendum but we fear the Bank of England, their central bank will not be so agreeable.

Also we hear with the usual denials, that Greece is considering withdrawing from the Eurozone due to their sovereign debt problems. The Greek leadership believes dumping the Euro and creating their own currency will allow them to inflate their sovereign debts away as well as getting the country out of recession and forced austerity from Brussels. These same Greek politicians should have thought of this when earlier receiving their big payoffs and incentives to force the nation into the EU. They will claim the motive now is patriotism to save the nation as sometimes even politicians will become patriots when necessary but we expect they see another graft opportunity.

The European Central Bank (ECB) will not be pleased with Greece because its Greek bond portfolio will suffer. Also these individual political actions where citizens decide their future rather than distant central banking cartels and eurocrats threatens the entire European Union. The EU and ECB were just a sham and power grab from the beginning for power hungry European elites not content with just pillaging their own citizens.

Why This Political Action Can Solve the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Secession is the right for an area to leave a government tax jurisdiction (national boundaries) based on the will of a majority of the voters in the geographic area wishing to peacefully withdraw by democratic means and create a government more in tune and controlled by the citizens in the region. Often just the threat to withdraw from a larger union is enough to cause the central government politicians and central banking cartel to better follow the needs and dictates of the people. But when all other political remedies fail, secession is often the final solution to an elite political and central banking tyranny which steals from the people for the benefit of the controlling Anglo-American monetary elites in many Western nations.

The establishment media avoids like the plague the only real solution to the sovereign debt crisis around the world because they are totally controlled and exist only to protect the elites which created the sovereign debt crisis in the first place. Today democratic secession is starting to happen in Scotland and Greece and this peaceful political tool is a real alternative to forced unions like the American and European Union as well as national politicians on the take that pillage their own individual nations.

Today, when most forced, arbitrary unions of nation states are ended today, the action is by negotiation, democratic voting by the regional citizens involved and then a friendly and cooperative relationship with the former state. Scotland which was annexed into the British Empire by terrible wars and force of arms over hundreds of years will likely soon depart peacefully as did the old nation of Czechoslovakia split into the Czech and Slovakia Republics back in 1993.

Independence Would Allow New Nations to Repudiate the Sovereign Debt of Former Governments and Create a New Currency

I fear, here in the US, if we fail to take the necessary political actions to protect our wealth now at a time of our choosing, then foreign creditors and markets will decide when the American debt and the dollar are finished. Secession is one alternative and I hope others will come up with additional solutions. But citizens of every overly indebted state need to ask themselves and their political representatives a few questions.

Are the benefits of powerful central banking and political elite controls worth the economic costs, debts on future generations and the loss of personal and financial liberties?

Would we not be better off as new independent sovereign states or nations with the opportunity to create our own currencies after repudiating all or part of the illegitimate sovereign debt created to benefit the central bankers and monetary elites?

Are federal taxes, controls, welfare/warfare expenses and government debts which threaten to impoverish the individual states and citizens worth the costs of control, economic rape and financial pillage from central government politicians and central bank thugs out only to make more money and profits at the expense of normal productive citizens?

Would you rather as an individual or a nation become debt free and prosperous with your own currency or allow the central banks to continue their actions which have brought most western nations to the brink of ruin and bankruptcy?

If you answered yes to these four questions, then it is time to begin organizing and taking peaceful democratic actions to save our liberties and remaining wealth before the coming Treasury debt and dollar crisis happens in the United States as it has in Greece.

The time of large nation states began to end when they realized they could borrow from our posterity to buy votes and control today. The new internet reformation makes it impossible for media and political elites to hide the truth about our economic situation from the voters or world investors. This new transparency creates both danger and opportunity and we can either seize the opportunity for freedom or wait for the danger of economic collapse.

From the United States to a Debt-Free These United States

Secession does not have to mean the end of your nation but rather a democratic change from an incompetent structure representing elite interests into a decentralized limited government which serves the interest of the citizens rather than the central bankers and political establishment would be a positive change. For example, the individual American states could secede and withdraw from the existing Washington federal government and come together again through a debt-free, limited federal system like the Articles of Confederation.

For example in Europe, a confederation of independent sovereign nations with the right to voluntarily enter and leave a European Confederation might be the solution to the top-down failures of the European Union.

In the US, now with easy communication and travel a simple return to our decentralized Articles of Confederation would allow the individual states to compete with currency alternatives along with private competitors as well as repudiate the illegitimate sovereign debt of the former federal government. This national debt was created primarily to fund money making opportunities for a few favored elite controlled global corporations, banks and oil conglomerates but paid for by our taxes and with sovereign debts on future generations.

It Must Be Both a Political and Monetary Secession!

Just withdrawing from a former political entity if the new nation retains the same central banking cartel and fiat currency without a new replacement alternative really accomplishes nothing. At best, you would have a new generation of tax feeding politicians and bureaucrats at the public trough and no more. The solution for most regions is to leave the political elites, their sovereign debt and the central bank controls behind when declaring independence.

Starting Now

After all, fiat currencies and the central banking monopoly can only survive if there are no alternatives. One day soon. A nation or nations and maybe even private entities will take the concept of the Central Fund of Canada which is made up of gold and silver bullion and traded like a stock on several exchanges and create a new store of value for the 21st Century. They might use controlled and owned gold and unmined gold reserves, oil and oil reserves with maybe timber or another finite resource and create the ultimate store of value for world investors.

This private store of value and competing alternatives using the free-market could then transcend into a real alternative to central bank fiat currencies and thus end the hundred year reign of the Anglo-American central bank monopoly cartel on currency creation, sovereign debts and inflation wealth destruction. Until this happens, individuals, organizations and businesses can take advantage of gold storage mechanisms like the Central Fund of Canada and Global Gold of Switzerland until new more diversified alternatives are available.

It is now time to prepare a secure future for ourselves and future generations. It is time to leave the governments behind who oppress us and the central bankers which plan to finish us off in the coming US dollar and sovereign debt crisis.

Scotland's William Wallace Was Right!

In the 13th Century,William Wallace gained recognition when he led the Scottish people in their fight against English occupation in the First War of Scottish Independence. Who can forget the last scene in the 1995 film epic, Braveheart, as the English were torturing Wallace and his last words were "FREEDOM."

I believe the cry of William Wallace for "Freedom" and Scottish Independence should be carried forth across the WEST today.

  • It is time to demand freedom from national sovereign debts we did not approve.
  • Freedom from central banks we never wanted which are destroying our economies and our currency.
  • Free us from far off bureaucrats and Anglo-American elites which increasingly seize our wealth for their purposes.
  • End the enticement of our children and grandchildren into serving their interests in foreign wars for wealth and resources rather than defending our nation.

Few citizens in Europe have had the opportunity to vote on EU membership and when they did the answer was usually a resounding "NO."

In America, no living citizens have had an opportunity to democratically vote on remaining in the arbitrary American union since 1860 when 11 states were allowed to vote at the state level.Here the democratic majority in the Southern states was overturned by Lincoln's War which killed over 600,000 Americans.

It is time to put the killing and war on citizens and regions wanting to leave forced inclusion behind us as is the case of the United Kingdom allowing the citizens of Scotland to decide and choose whether to remain in the UK or leave and remain allies of equal position. The days of tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi and Lincoln making war on their own citizens who simply want to leave and be left alone should be over.

It took Scotland almost a thousand years but soon this proud people under the St. Andrews Cross will be rid of English and Anglo-American rule and Scotland will once again take its rightful place among the nations of the world.

This year marks the 150 anniversary of another nation which also fought under the sacred banner of the St. Andrews Cross. General Robert E. Lee prayed: “While we see the course of the final abolition of human slavery is still onward, and give it the aid of our prayers, let us leave the progress as well as the results in the hands of Him who, chooses to work by slow influences, and with whom a thousand years are but as a single day.” 

Although chattel slavery ended a few years after Lee's prayer, today most of the Europe and the Americas are increasingly slaves today. The war that ended chattel slavery paved the way for the destruction of the Southern economy and political power to allow a new kind of slavery, central bank slavery which began with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Today we are all slaves to fiat currencies which decimate our wealth, central banks and governments which create and burden future generation with sovereign debt and controls which are destroying our remaining freedoms and liberties.

It is time for the West to follow the halting steps of Scotland and Greece and begin the cry for Freedom from those financial institutions and political elites who oppress us and consider us as mere slaves to be manipulated, wealth creators to be fleeced and cannon fodder for their global wealth and resources plunder expeditions.

What do you think?

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