TSA Stages Airport Bomb Scare

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With their guns draw and packing live ammo, police officers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport surrounded a man smuggling a bomb in a carry-on bag. Although details are sketchy because the TSA is trying to downplay this incident, the cops were no doubt yelling at the man to hit the floor and surrender. Had this man acted in any sort of threatening-looking way, the cops would have certainly opened fire on him.

This all took place at a TSA security checkpoint at the airport. There’s only one problem with it: The whole thing was a TSA security drill – but nobody informed the cops!

Gee, let’s stage a bomb drill but don’t tell the cops

So here are the TSA morons, who behave as if they are cops even though they are not in any way sworn law enforcement officers, running their own bomb drill in an airport, surrounded by innocent members of the public. They send a guy into the TSA security checkpoint, at which point he probably screams out “I have a bomb!” or something similar. The airport cops, who are of course on the lookout for precisely this kind of threatening behavior, pull their pistols and hit their radios to bring in more cops. The result was a surrounding of the bomb carrier and a tense scene of law enforcement getting very, very close to letting loose with live fire in an international airport.

I’m sure every beat cop and law enforcement professional reading this will agree with me on this point: These TSA goons are complete morons. You don’t run a bomb drill in a public airport without notifying the cops first!

TSA endangers police officers

Through their completely idiotic actions, they put the lives of both police officers and members of the public in great danger. The TSA actually engineered a situation that could have very easily resulted in a loss of life. Had the “bomber” made a sudden move, he could have easily been shot by a cop who would then, no doubt, be investigated for the killing and probably stripped of his badge and retirement merely for doing his job.

This is yet another reason why the TSA is so dangerous. It is a rogue agency that runs around acting like law enforcement but has absolutely NO law enforcement training or skills. The TSA is a group of perverts, criminals, pornography distributors and power-trip wannabe cops who suddenly and magically have been given the obscene power to reach down your pants and feel your genitals. If a Sheriff, a cop, or an FBI agent pulled that maneuver, they’d be fired from their job and probably brought up on criminal charges. But for some reason the TSA is allowed to pull this stunt every day, even though TSA agents are not sworn law enforcement officers!

The TSA is a rogue agency that now threatens not just the safety of the public, but also the safety of legitimate law enforcement personnel. This is why the TSA must be stopped, and Texas is trying to do something about it by passing a law to criminalize the TSA’s actions.

TSA’s actions are already crimes under federal law Technically, the TSA reaching down your pants is already a federal crime, it’s just that no one has yet been prosecuted for it. Jesse Ventura has a lawsuit pending against the TSA for sexual assault, but that has not been resolved yet.

TSA agents have been caught stealing items out of peoples’ luggage and, planting fake cocaine in their bags, feeling up infants and now running bomb scares right in the middle of an international airport, with innocent people standing around and potentially in harm’s way. What’s next for this rogue agency? Are they going to run LIVE bomb drills and demand they start carrying their own pistols and rifles?

You are watching the rise of the secret police The American people don’t get this yet, and the mainstream media is totally clueless about this, but what’s really happening right now is that we are watching the rise of the new Amerikan Secret Police. They are the TSA. They’re already expanding into train stations and stadiums. Soon, these government goons will be the people checking your papers at every street corner, lifting cash out of your wallet or feeling down the pants of young women just because they can.

If we don’t stop the TSA right now, they will rise up to become the new Nazi criminals in America. We’ve seen it all before in history, and history is now repeating itself. This is the Nazi police state growing and expanding right before our very eyes.

Remember, the TSA already claims it rules supreme over state law and that the states have zero power to stop the TSA from reaching down your pants and molesting you and your children. Right now, there is absolutely nothing stopping the TSA from becoming the new secret police organization that conducts illegal searches and engaged in routine sexual molestation of innocent people, all while claiming it has the “supreme” right to do so under the U.S. Constitution! Incredible…

Folks, if you’re not listening to Alex Jones on this topic, you’re not fully informed about the depth of the TSA tyranny. Alex pulls together an amazing spectrum of relevant facts from history that teach us how the TSA is becoming the new Nazis of Amerika. If we don’t stop these tyrants now, we are going to be overrun by these federal agents who will stop at nothing to expand their power.

Was the TSA testing the police response?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the TSA is already planning to fake a bomb incident in order to make itself seem more important. This drill in Minnesota may have actually been a way to test the police response to determine how much the TSA can get away with.

All it will take is one TSA plot to set off a live bomb at some airport in America, and suddenly they will be granted the power to carry guns or conduct full-body cavity searches without any warrants or reasons whatsoever. We are just one engineered “terror event” away from the next expansion of TSA tyranny. You can bet the people who run this agency – who are already lawless tyrants with zero respect for the Fourth Amendment – are working on ways for them to take away more rights of the people, hire more enforcement agents and become even more powerful throughout American society.

I pray we can stop these thugs before it turns to bloodshed. Because in the end, I know the American people will not tolerate tyranny for very long, and a public backlash could end up being quite bloody. To avoid that, we need to pass laws right now across all the U.S. states to outlaw the TSA and their criminal activities. Evict the TSA from our states immediately!

Stay tuned to NaturalNews.com and InfoWars.com to learn more about the tyranny of the TSA. We will absolutely not stop reporting on this issue until the TSA is evicted from our states and prevented from abusing us any longer.

The cops, by the way, are with us on this issue. Same with active and retired military. Nobody likes the TSA except the TSA itself. Even the media has to largely fabricate positive spin stories on this rogue agency to try to create the impression that people actually enjoy being treated like terrorists at the airport. Even the pilots are fed up with the whole thing.

Reprinted with permission from Natural News.

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