Jesse Ventura: The Emperor Has No Clothes


Who would have thought twenty years ago that a wrestler would become one of the heroes of our age? Then again, it shouldn’t be so surprising because wrestlers are special men. They can both face the ridicule of a crowd and raise them out of their seats. They don’t just entertain, they inspire and elevate. The fights are fixed but the passion is real. The 2008 film The Wrestler showed that it takes a lot of guts and heart to wrestle.

I was happy when I Iearned that Kane, one of my favorite wrestlers, is a supporter of Ron Paul. Jesse Ventura dedicated his most recent book to Dr. Paul. It seems that a lot of wrestlers are also thinkers. Ventura is a well-read thinker, a model citizen and a true patriot who is not afraid to speak his mind and tell the truth.

It takes a lot of courage to tell the truth in America today. The media has demonized critical thinking and suppressed freedom of thought. The result is a mainstream culture that is oppressive and even totalitarian in its character. Anybody who questions the official 9/11 lie is unfairly judged as crazy and paranoid. When Ventura was promoting his new book on CNN and ABC the hosts treated him like a loose mental patient who didn’t deserve to be taken seriously. It was sad to watch but it reinforced the truth that the establishment media in America is morally, intellectually and politically bankrupt. Very soon it will be financially bankrupt, and America will be better for it. America will be liberated from media and cultural oppression.

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