Pistol-Packin’ Papa

In an article from June of last year I explained some of the details of how I was carrying a concealed firearm. Since then, I have made significant changes and want to share my findings.

Unlike 2010, when I was carrying a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster, I am now carrying a Kahr CW9 outside the wasitband. Why? After a while, carrying a small pistol in a pocket become extremely annoying – the weight of the pistol was always in my mind; the gun took up a pocket; and it was a bit uncomfortable. Further, I realized that I wanted a slightly larger caliber in a firearm with a larger capacity.

After some searching I settled on the CW9. A 9mm, the Kahr perfectly fit my needs. It is has a fairly thin slide width (0.90"), a greater round count (7+1), and a convenient barrel length (3.6"), perfect for concealed carry.

Occasionally I will choose to carry a snub-nosed revolver in a pocket holster, usually when I am not wearing a belt or have to quickly run some errands and would rather have a firearm with me than not. On the vast majority of days, however, I opt for the CW9 in a Regulator OWB from UBG Holsters. UBG produces high quality products See this video for a pretty comprehensive review of the UBG Regulator – I own three items from them – at a very fair price.

I had previously stated that OWB carry would not be feasible given Florida's hot and humid weather. I was wrong. OWB carry, with a proper belt (also purchased from UBG) and proper holster, is extremely comfortable. The weight of the firearm is distributed – after a while you forget it's there. Compared to pocket carry, and especially IWB carry, OWB in fact gave me a bit more breathing room, precisely what one needs during the abominable summers here. Because of the extra room, OWB meant the possibility of carrying a larger firearm

Things are rarely without drawbacks. Carrying OWB risks a brief exposure of the firearm (illegal in FL, though there are efforts to change that). Thus, clothing must cover the entirety of the holster and leave some space for normal movements. Thankfully this has not been an issue. Over the last few months I have lost a bit of weight and put on muscle, making OWB carry even more comfortable and less likely to be noticed.

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