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I love Facebook. It's given me a chance to see just how many outright socialists and borderline communists and fascists there are in America. People my age who grew up during the cold war and who, at the drop of a hat, would have denounced such things as evil and inhumane now advocate it with every breath. In fact I've had people tell me that free markets and no social programs is what would be inhumane. I wish they'd make up their minds.

An old high school colleague of mine said to me: "we all have to sacrifice for the greater good". Which of course is a quote taken directly from Obama . That's another thing I've noticed about the socialist class: they don't think for themselves. Everything they say is a sound bite, a statistic or a quote from someone else that has been washed into their brains. There's no actual reason or logic to their arguments just feelings and other people's thoughts.

"We all have to sacrifice for the greater good" is also a hallmark of collectivism which puts any kind of group (such as a class, nation, race, society, state, etc.) before the individual which, by definition, is the hallmark of socialism, communism and fascism. Wow!

Now this is the point where some readers will say: Coop's got his head in the bottle again; to which I'll reply: so what? Just because I drink and the members of government wear suits and ties, have Anglo-Saxon names and drive a Ford doesn't mean they aren't socialist, communist or fascist. It's the new face of fascism brought to you by America.

Did I mention that my colleague is a public school teacher? Moving right along.

I had another colleague say to me that she didn't mind getting violated a little bit by the TSA when they subject her to a body pat down.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into it with TSA trolls at an airport security checkpoint. And I can't tell you how many times I've heard: "you give up your rights when you enter the security area".

Really? After entering a TSA security area I no longer have any rights? I no longer have a right to live? Does the TSA feel that it's perfectly within their power to kill me if they want? I no longer have a right to my private property? Does the TSA feel that it's perfectly within their power to steal my things? Of course I don't believe that nonsense but my former colleague seems to and has no problem "making the sacrifice for the greater good" and feels that I should too. Did I mention she too is a public school teacher? Seeing a trend here? Moving right along.

More recently a gentleman on Facebook posed to me that I was being naïve if I thought that private charities could address all the people in need in this country and that's why we must have government social programs. When I first read that I thought to myself: I'm out of whiskey. That statement is so incomplete, so shallow, so narrow minded that I wondered if this guy's head could fit in a jar. Where to begin pulling such a ridiculous statement apart?

Welfare frauds costs taxpayers billions every year. At what point do you ask if the benefits outweigh the costs? The costs cannot simply be ignored and the merits of the program judged solely on the perceived benefits.

And what about the benefits? Since the inception of welfare, welfare recipients have found ways to cheat the system and rather than spending their taxpayer dollars on the necessities until they can get back on their feet they spend it on alcohol, cigarettes and lottery tickets. So you have to ask yourself what benefit is that to the recipient? How is that helping them? It's not; in fact it's hurting them by enabling their bad habits. Many of which may be the very reason for their economic situation and the need for welfare in the first place.

I'd say that anyone believing that any version of a government welfare program is a net benefit to society is clearly the one who is naïve.

In any case there are obviously those that either choose to ignore the facts surrounding social programs or they simply don't have the intellectually capacity to understand it.

Still others I believe make a conscience effort to block it out like a bad night of drinking when you wake up broke and with a pocket full of ATM receipts and you can't remember how you got home.

I get it too. I understand why people wouldn't want to face the truth about the government that is supposed to be protecting their rights: it's scary as hell! Those who have managed to unplug from the matrix may recall the day that the first ray of clarity entered their stream of thought, cracked their old conditioned mindset and their life has never been the same. It's literally like seeing the light. It's like the first time you let a slinky go down a staircase. You want to find out how many other cool things you can do with it now. It's like a whole new world has been opened up to you. You see the world in a way you never have before. And then the fear sets in. The fear that you've just realized that everything you've ever thought was true about the government and America was a lie! The fear that the government is the greatest perpetrator of crimes and injustice in our society and around the world. But it's too late now, you can never go back. You know the truth and it's sad, even heartbreaking.

You realize that: America really isn't NUMBER ONE! Americans really aren't FREE! America really isn't a DEMOCRACY! The wars were never really about DEFENDING AMERICA!

That's enough to drive anyone to drink. That's why I drink.

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