Living Off the Grid…in Suburbia?

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Some people might equate living off the grid with living similar to how Olympic skier Bode Miller did growing up, no electricity, no water, in a remote cabin like it’s 1099 CE. For some, the idea is romantic, but there are few who are passionate enough about becoming energy independent, reducing their carbon footprint, saving money, or privacy to sacrifice that much of their life, and I don’t blame them. Although Les Stroud chose to go off the grid by purchasing a remote property and supplying it with what he needed, an idea appealing to many, others who wish to vanish in plain site can easily go off the grid as well. Going off the grid is becoming a much less intrusive process, even an average suburban home can go off the grid at the initial cost of a home renovation with no serious disruptions in their way of life. Not having to consume the products of the utility companies means not having to continuously disclose your location and compromise your privacy. Here are the main systems that you can replace.