100-Hour Detox: Don't Wait Until the New Year to Shed Those Extra Pounds – Start Now to Look Trim


After the traditional Christmas blowout, is your waistband feeling the strain? Well, there’s no need to panic – because your partner won’t care. What he really wants you to do is enjoy yourself, cut loose and forget the diet.

Well, that’s what just over half of the men who responded to a survey last week said, anyhow.

Trouble is, there are plenty who disagree. A rotten 42 per cent said they would be “less attracted” to their partners if we put on half a stone.

If your man falls into that category, you have two choices: either get rid of him; or get in shape, pronto, with a mini-detox that starts pre-New Year.

The “mid-tox,” as it’s been christened, allows you to shift that Christmas tyre and get your glow back in the 100-hour period from today until Friday and any big New Year parties.

Traditionally, diets start in January. The 12 days of Christmas – or at least the week until the sobering reality of New Year’s Day – is usually acknowledged as the most indulgent chunk of the year.

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But, for the figure-conscious, the festive blowout should last no more than 48 hours. Then, it’s back to business.

“I love my food and, over Christmas, I really go for it,” said famously curvy model Kelly Brook. “My whole family is coming to my house. That’s 25 people all sitting round the table saying: “Have another potato,” and topping up each other’s wine.

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“Much as I love a big blow-out, I can’t escape the Christmas bloat. I’m a size 8–10 but, at Christmas, I fill out. I feel it when my clothes don’t fit comfortably any more.

“I do a kind of mid-tox in the days between Christmas and New Year. I get my body back on track by eating sensibly in the lull when there’s nothing going on.”

Mid-toxing is certainly a novel way to approach the quiet days between Christmas and New Year. But if you want to be in decent shape for New Year’s Eve, you need to start today.

After the festive indulgence, we all need a body MOT to flush away our Christmas sins, says Geeta Sidhu, of, which delivers ready-made, detox-friendly meals, snacks and juices.

“Eating the right foods will give you a body re-boot by helping you to cleanse, energise and lose weight naturally.”

Nutritional adviser Ian Marber, author of How Not To Get Fat: Your Daily Diet, cautions against radical detoxes or juice fasts.

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December 28, 2010