Am I On the Crazy Fringe?

Recently by Robert Wenzel: TSA Resistance Taking Off: Are the Elitist Airlines Worried, Yet?

M.B. emails to me (link added):

Hi, Robert —

I knew Murray [Sabrin] years ago; he actually tutored a small group interested in Austrian economics. I’m also very close friends with one of the "Hidden Children" during the Nazi years.

But I think you do you, & your site a serious disservice, to imply in any manner what-so-ever, that TSA has any similarities to Nazi Germany. It just places you in the crazy fringe, which is not the case.


Dear M.B.,

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I can understand your objection to those who point to Nazi Germany and warn that this is what current day America is about. But I disagree with your objection.

The ultimate horrors in Nazi Germany were, indeed, much more terrible than anything close to what has occurred so far in America. But, one should do more than only consider just the ultimate horrors of what went on in Nazi Germany. One must think about the road that was travelled by the Germans to get to that point.

I believe one of the most serious misunderstandings about totalitarianism is that it arrives as a full package that requires no assembly. That it is put on the people, like a winter coat. All at one time, and in full view for all to see.

This is a grave misunderstanding.

I often wondered why more Jews didn’t flee Nazi Germany. The answer did not come to me until I saw Roman Polanski’s important movie, The Pianist.

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