I Have Completed My Replies to All 30 of Ellen Brown's Responses to My Criticisms of Her Book.

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I have just posted reply #30 to Ellen Brown’s responses to my identifications of 31 major historical errors in her book, The Web of Debt. You can read all 30 replies at the end of the introductory paragraphs of my department devoted to her. They are in numerical order.

I have also placed links to each of them in each of the original articles.

I also offered 21 criticisms of her economic theory and monetary theory. They are posted here.

She has prudently failed to respond to any of them.

I offered all 52 criticisms of her errors here.

So, the ball is now once again in her end of the court.

To understand Ellen Brown’s economics, all you need to know is this. She really does believe this sign:

November 18, 2010

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