The Indignity About the Full Body Scanners


This blog written by one of our Contributing Writer and Pilot. This is in reference to the September 28th blog “Hell no, I won’t go” and some of the viewer comments left for him on the September 30th blog.


In the 9 years since 9-11 there have been exactly 0 incidents of hijackings or terror attacks by individuals boarding domestic aircraft in this country (not an international flight originating from another country). When coupled with the facts that there are over 30,000 commercial departures per day with an average passenger load per flight easily exceeding 25, then this most recent mathematical history teaches us:

That the odds of being subject to a terrorist attack on a domestic (US) commercial airliner today are greater than 22 BILLION, 173 MILLION, 750 THOUSAND to 1 (22,173,750,000)! Woefully lower than getting hit by lightening, attacked by a shark and a refund from the IRS; all at the same time!

And I’m the one full of hot air for trying to bring reason to all this security-hyped nonsense? I’m the paranoid one for trying to raise your awareness to the pragmatic inevitability that short of full-blown x-rays and dogs up your butt you can’t stop every attack? No, unfortunately my mathematically-challenged and ‘Threat-Level’ terrified brethren, I’m just one of the few (with a set) standing up. Not standing up because I’m embarrassed by my body mind you. Not standing up because I’m in a hurry either, because if I were I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time standing in the TSA ‘Rope & Grope’ line. No, I’m merely standing up for what makes sense.

And electronic strip-searches and indiscriminate fondling by our new ‘Brown-Shirts’ (Hitler Youth) brings nothing advantageous to the security issue and does everything to worsen it. Why? Because the borders of this country are so wide-open that no terrorist need bother with the TSA and all its anal-ness? Any half-wit al Qaeda that can manage to walk across the border (like ever one else) with a Stinger or RPG can just waltz up to any major airport, take aim and bring down you narrow-minded exhibitionists any day of the week! Yet here you are 9 years after September 11th none the wiser, or richer for that matter; continually reaching into your dwindling bag of liberties (and Dignity) and dolling out more and more for imagined security.

And obviously most of you don’t realize just how poorly our airline industry is doing these days; let alone how things really work. Do you think the major’s got together and demanded that the Air Marshalls move from First Class to Coach for nothing? I mean, what with a whopping 1000 or so total Marshalls extrapolated over the entire air-carrier network, what does a few (very few) First Class seats translate into anyway? And yes, getting hit in the bottom line does tend to get the big-boys (i.e. Delta, American, etc.) to do for us what this ever-bloating government that you all don’t seem to mind bending over for, would never do.

And no, I don’t think psychiatry is appropriate here. Perhaps brain surgery to remove your heads out of your collective asses would be more appropriate; because it appears that most of you haven’t figured out that all this FBS is just for show. And that government just wants more ways to flagellate you all; which apparently you’re not getting enough of yet.

So my advice for all you flaccid ones out there who take issue with people for standing up against such wasteful invasions of privacy is, buy plenty of KY Jelly. Because thanks to you holes of little resistance, this unrestrained government’s patoodling is just going to get harder, longer and more frequent!

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November 9, 2010