Harry Browne Comes Out on Top

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The last time I discussed Harry Browne, it was to point out that Browne was way ahead of of everyone in warning about banking with a Swiss Bank that has too big of an exposure in the United States.

Well, not surprisingly, that’s not the only thing Browne was right about. It turns out that despite his passing, Browne is the best money manager around.

MyPlanIQ recently compared the performance of fifteen buy and hold portfolios. Each of the portfolios was measured for performance and volatility over various time periods.

Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio beat out all others. Here are the growth rates MyPlanIQ found for Browne’s Permanent Portfolio:

12.49 (one year growth) 7.40 (3 year growth) 8.99 (5 year growth) 7.31 (since inception)

Here’s what MyPlanIQ said about the results:

The Harry Browne portfolio is the clear leader in both categories and immediately makes it through [for further study]

Curiously, MyPlan throws in a neg:

Harry Browne’s permanent portfolio is the clear winner of the lazy portfolios but there should be concern as to whether the conditions that has enabled it to deliver such sterling results will continue

This is odd because Browne’s permanent portfolio is as balanced a portfolio as you can get. MyPlan apparently misses Browne’s point re not trying to time the market, which the neg suggests should be done.

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