Hillary Supporters Want to Take Down Rahm Emanuel

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This should be a good show.

HillBuzz.org reports:

Last night, at Sidetrack, I ran into a guy named Max who was a good friend of mine from the Clinton campaign days. He’s someone who actually moved here to Chicago to work on the campaign and got to see much more of HRC and President Clinton themselves than I ever did. Max is a political animal and works one campaign after another — currently he’s working for one of the unannounced challengers for the Chicago Mayor’s race, and is going to help take Rahm Emanuel down.

Max, like me, used to be a Democrat. He, like me, was a dyed-in-the-wool, loyal party guy.

But, what the Obama campaign did to Hillary Clinton and her supporters — all the false accusations of racism, the voter fraud, the intimidation, the national media becoming an arm of the campaign — so disgusted him that he, in his words, said “f*** those people”.

Max sees the Democrat Party as a Leftist/Communist Party now and says he will do whatever he can to destroy it.

This is interesting to me because I haven’t talked to Max in a year and a half, and because he actually makes his living in politics, and has only worked Democrat politics, I assumed he’d return to the fold and keep his mouth shut just to keep food on the table.

“I still work for Demcorats,” he explained, “but no one who’s on the list”.

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