Winning Tactics for Handgun Training On a Budget

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I believe the handgun will be the most useful and used self-defense tool after a collapse. I’m not contending that a handgun is more effective than a rife or shotgun, it’s not.

If I knew trouble was coming, and I was going to have to use deadly force, I’d reach for the nearest long-gun while holding the handgun in reserve.

But the truth of the matter is, you will not always have an advanced warning of impending danger. An attack will likely be perpetrated quickly and without warning, when you’re most vulnerable, at close range, by more than one attacker and in low light.

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You’ll need to be armed at all times, carrying a rifle or shotgun continuously is impractical if not impossible.

There are times (even post SHTF) when concealment will be necessary – tucking a handgun down your pants is easier and more practical than trying to hide a shotgun under your coat.

Now that we know a handgun is the most useful and realistic defensive tool we need to learn to use that tool in the most effective way possible.

Taking a dedicated class given by qualified instructors is the best course of action. But many of us don’t have the time or money to make this a reality and must seek other alternatives.

Most of you reading this, I am sure; have a good working knowledge of firearm safety and proper shooting fundamentals. If not, you must master the basics before continuing.

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The NRA’s Education & Training Division offers training courses covering safety and handgun usage. Be sure to take the handgun carry permit classes if available in your state, even if you don’t plan on applying for the permit.

While these classes aren’t as intense (usually) as the classes given by say, Gunsite or Thunder Ranch, you can pick-up valuable tips and safety information by attending.

Another possibility is looking to relatives or friends who have knowledge in handgun safety and defensive tactics. It could be someone with military or police training. Just be sure, your training partner knows more about the subject than you.

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I’ve known several people who claimed to be an expert in all things firearm related yet on the range it was obvious they knew very little of what they claimed, with several being down right hazardous.

On one occasion, I saw a self-proclaimed expert (a former cop) point the muzzle of his weapon toward another shooter to his left flank as he cleared his weapon.

This is a no-no. I called him on it and his reaction was so bad that, I thought we were going to end the day with fisticuffs, but a crowd gathered and he backed down.

I often get emails from readers asking for book and DVD recommendations in this area – my advice is always the same. Learn the basics before moving forward and seek professional training if possible.

After learning proper handgun handling and safety, my recommendations for books and DVD’s are “Tactical Pistol Shooting: Your Guide to Tactics & Techniques that Work” and “Jim Grover’s Defensive Shooting Series” both are excellent.

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September 2, 2010

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