LRC Under Attack

Of course, it is nothing new for LRC to be under attack. Certain oil oligarchs have hated the site since Burt Blumert and I started it more than twelve years ago. They’ve gone so far as to hire people to attack it, and me, and Ron Paul, the man who says LRC is "the first thing I read in the morning." But then, men powerful enough to enrich themselves through the Fed can’t stand Fed critics, especially Ron. They actually tried to give orders to him — and me — but we wouldn’t be their liveried servants, on central banking, war, civil liberties, or anything else. So they swore enmity, for themselves and their minions. As Murray Rothbard, their real pet hate, once put it, "Billionaires live in a world of yes-men. They can’t stand to be told no."

With your help, we will never obey the plutocrats. Thank goodness for the internet. In the old days, we had to depend on tiny circulation paper publications. Now we can potentially reach every single person interested in freedom, peace, and sound money. And we are touching the hearts and minds of millions.

But speaking of enmity, our old friends the neocons are still active against anyone who refuses to bend the knee to perpetual war in the Middle East. They have their usual army of smear artists, but their libels are increasingly ineffective. It’s like being denounced by the (diminishing) NY Times. No honest person pays attention.

This summer, however, there were two new assaults, which cost a lot of money to fix. The first was an attack on LRC’s small donation system, resulting in thousands of phony gifts that outraged the poor people whose names were used, and their card-issuers. We fixed it, and have prevented such a hate-scam in the future, but it was costly.

Thanks to extremely smart legal advice, and the intercession of a great libertarian writer, we escaped. But we had to spend a lot of time and money going through the entire archives of LRC to make sure we would not be vulnerable in the future. It’s amazing just how much good material we’ve been able to publish! It’s an online library of liberty, all free, for everyone all over the world.

To keep that free library open and growing, won’t you help? Please make a donation to LRC. You will poke a sharp stick — metaphorically speaking! — in the eye of every Beltway statist and neocon warmonger, every media liar and cable foamer.

Here is what the enemy fear most: all the young people of the sort I hear from every day, who tell me they used to be neocons or National Review conservatives, and whose eyes were opened to the true nature of the state, thanks to LRC. The Rothbard-Ron Paul movement is full of such kids. They won’t have the wool pulled over their eyes ever again. They want the truth. They are hungry for the truth.

But here is the trouble. LRC has always been a frugal operation, but it looks as if we will be more than $42,000 in the hole this year, and that means real trouble, even for the best-read libertarian site in the world. Won’t you help LRC stay alive and fighting? Please make a donation. It would be so great to have your help. And it is so needed.