A 21st Century Patriot's Dream

If you can see through the lies and seek after truth Then you fear patriotism is often falsehood out to enslave our youth The American Dream began to die when the Articles were lost To powerful interests who decided to make their Constitution our boss

Voluntarily sovereign states joined the union to be strong and free But Washington decided they knew best and we would soon see The wisdom in their thoughts, actions and deeds to be sure But over time we discovered that their motives were not pure

And through the years as our liberties were lost it became clear The Washington elites were neither prophets nor seer We learned as they enslaved us by secret combinations and stealth That our leaders in control only worshiped power and theft

Then they asked why only blacks when we can enslave an entire nation today And we will get richer in the process and so this is certainly a better way So off to war the soldiers went to carefully crafted patriot jubilation But they died by the thousands while the elites prepared a celebration

States sought to voluntarily leave the union as we joined at first But peace and harmony were shattered by Lincoln’s blood thirst After five long years and 600 thousand deaths the war ended But far more was lost when General Robert E. Lee surrendered

Two republics existed before the war and invasion began While both were destroyed in the conflict until at the end Elites had decided that mercantilism and federalism were only to prevail And our founding fathers patriot vision went all totally to Hell

But it wasn’t enough for the interests to just rob and destroy one region For their new found powers caused their appetite for more to become legion Why waste time and money on wars of violence and destruction When a central bank and income tax could easily steal and function

This worked well until the leadership of the Anglo-American elite Debased the world’s currencies and created sovereign debts so steep That no nations or peoples could ever possibly pay off what they did owe And then all too early the world’s economy suddenly began to slow

All the while the experts in Washington and Wall Street did claim That Mises, Schiff, Rockwell and Ron Paul were all to blame Their sin was to distrust leviathan and the power of the state To make decisions and choices for us before it was too late

So against the will of the people they bailed out the banks Still the trickle down theory did not work but the bankers said thanks With the trillions in bailouts the wealth did flow to banks overseas But the economy collapsed at home and the people were not pleased

In the end, the elites had enslaved the nation for decades to come But questioned how to avoid the blame, retribution and where to run But the neocons found a solution to their problem before the coming turmoil They needed to start a war in the Middle East and steal all the oil

Then shift the blame for the economic collapse and breakdown to the war And repudiate Washington’s national debt to China and Asia from afar Yes hundreds of thousands might die as so many times in the past But their version of history will make sure the public’s memories never last

So gear up the press, politicians and media just as before And make sure our soldiers and military will march off happily to war Think of a new slogan we will use for the crime And promise peace to the world for war just one more time

Now the elites have everything ready like so often in the past But I believe this will be the media establishments last dying gasp With the internet, email, twitter and technology all so fast The Anglo-American elites’ tyranny will finally end at long last

Now with knowledge of real history and Austrian economics today My prayer is the sovereign citizens of the US will again have their say To restore the Articles of Confederation should be our demand That the patriot’s dream of our founding fathers will again cover our land

The Best of Ron Holland