How Well Do You Know Cocktail Culture of Mad Men Era?

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Raise a glass to the return of Mad Men!

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The award-winning TV show set in the Madison Avenue advertising world of the early 1960s has done more than any other show for the renewed popularity of spirits and classic drinks.

And so, we’ve concocted a quiz to test your knowledge of the cocktail culture of the Mad Men era. Drink it in, and enjoy!

1. What previously obscure spirit skyrocketed to popularity in the Mad Men era?

(a) Absinthe (b) Cachaca (c) Vodka (d) Bourbon

2. Traditionally, vodka was not used in which of the following drinks:

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(a) Bull Shot (b) Martini (c) Caesar (d) Cosmopolitan

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3. In Season 1, department store heiress Rachel Menken sips a fancy tropical concoction. ‘That’s quite a drink,’ Don Draper tells her. We agree. Which of the following did not create the rum-based drinks that had 1960s North America going cuckoo for tiki?

(a) Don the Beachcomber (b) Don Ho (c) Donn Beach (d) "Trader Vic" Bergeron

4. Tiki is making a comeback. Which of the following is not a tiki drink?

(a) Boo Loo (b) Coco Mojo (c) Honi Honi (d) Pu Pu

5. In Season 1, Roger Sterling has a memorable lunch of vodka martinis and oysters. Vodka is a classic pairing with the bivalves, but so are all the following except:

(a) Chardonnay (b) Sherry (c) Chablis (d) Champagne

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July 30, 2010