Beware an 'American Style' Federalized EU A Warning From South Carolina To Europe: Say No to EU Elite Plans for a Federalized Union

The state of South Carolina has been an independent republic and nation twice in history, first in March of 1776 and again in December of 1860. History here certainly shows how it is far easier to get into a political union than to get out again. In South Carolina, we have found that once in a voluntary union, the open door slams shut as political and monetary elites who benefit from this arrangement seldom give up their power to tax, inflate the currency, protect special interest monopoly rights and engage in mercantilism without fighting to retain their distant dictatorial controls.

The photos above aren’t of terror bombing of London, Berlin or Dresden but rather Columbia, SC on the left and Charleston on the right. There were no land battles fought in either city but rather Columbia was burned at the end of the war by union forces and the civilian areas of Charleston were targeted by a union naval bombardment which lasted longer than the World War Two German siege of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Russia.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

The corrupt, power-hungry EU elites like politicians here in America are always ready to use a crisis to advance their agenda of accumulating power, increasing taxes and controls over local governments and independent citizens. Contrary to their false promises that a political and monetary union would guarantee economic safety and monetary security, here in the US, the very opposite has been the case with our exploding national debt and long-term downtrend in the dollar.

The call for a political and monetary union in Europe to counter the sovereign debt crisis is the dominate elite theme of the week from Europe to the United States echoed hourly on cable channels and in editorial written comments. Just a few minutes ago, one of the beautiful woman de jure reporters on a financial channel, again repeated the message with something to the effect, "what Europe needs is what we have here in the United States, one fiscal system, one political system and one country." Since Germany is the titular head of the EU, this subliminal message has a frightening historic ring to an earlier "One People, One Nation, One Leader" refrain repeated ad nauseam during another time in Germany.

“We can’t have a monetary union without some form of economic and — er — political union.” ~ EU president Herman van Rompuy

“It seems that the sovereign debt crisis could be acting as a catalyst for an ever closer union of European countries. The decisions taken this weekend first by European leaders and then by finance ministers mark a big leap towards a fiscal union in the euro area, we think.” ~ Elga Bartsch, European Chief Economist for Morgan Stanley

To Europe we say, don’t move from a failed monetary union to a failed political union to solve the problems created by your local and supra-national EU politicians. The world meltdown and now sovereign debt crisis was predominately caused by our Wall Street firms which offered your politicians sovereign debt scams guaranteed to fail. We have found giving politicians short-term debt financing to buy re-election is like giving unlimited heroine to a heroine addict as a solution to their addiction problem. This only works as long as the drugs are available. When the drug or credit ends, these power or drug addicts will do absolutely anything to maintain their addiction. Looking through the past false war propaganda, all too much of European and American history is made up of wars and economic dislocation created by politicians to advance their agenda and addiction to power and wealth.

Don’t make the mistake we made. A voluntary union or confederation of sovereign states approved by a vote of the state or nation’s citizens can have many advantages but when this becomes a forced union, you can be assured that one day in the future, military force will be used to keep you in line. Hasn’t Europe suffered enough already from wars caused by national politicians and economic and banking elites, why add another level of political scum to the volatile mixture.

“Powerful government tends to draw into it people with bloated egos, people who think they know more than everyone else and have little hesitance in coercing their fellow man. Or as Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek said, "in government, the scum rises to the top.” ~ Dr. Walter Williams

Here in South Carolina, when we look at the national debt, foreign empire wars without end and a two-party monopoly that works together to maintain the political and monetary elite controls over our currency and central bank, the national debts and liberties, we sometimes wish for a Third South Carolina Palmetto Republic. Do as we say and not as we did and you’ll have the best of alternatives in the future. Currency competition between nations and the euro, more local control over your politicians and economic interests. "American style" government was to be envied and copied when we were a confederation and voluntary decentralized republic but today our centralized system has failed and the fighting for survival in Washington and Wall Street is one reason for the problems you face, certainly not the solution.

If you want a government solution for individual nations and even the EU that protects liberties, then consider the most successful model in Europe: look at Switzerland and their limited decentralized confederation government. It is envied by investors and people who value freedom around the world but hated by socialists, empires and politicians everywhere. Trust me, I’m not just "Whistling Dixie"!

The Best of Ron Holland