• Confused About Natural Weight-Loss Supplements?

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    Weight loss
    is a popular topic in America. The nutritional supplement business
    is notorious for many weight loss products. The most popular products
    for weight loss today are acai berry combined with a colon cleanse.

    Acai berry
    is a chocolaty-tasting berry from the Amazon that is loaded with
    antioxidants, omega 9 oils, and fiber. It is recommended by health
    gurus such as Dr. Perricone and Dr. Oz and has been featured by

    Below are more
    supplements that will help with weight loss.

    Citrimax is
    the ephedra replacement. It is a citrus peel extract that has been
    shown to reduce appetite and inhibit fat production without stimulating
    the central nervous system. Studies using Citrimax show good results,
    but they are slow. It generally takes 2–3 weeks before results

    CLA or conjugated
    linoleic acid helps the body burn fat for energy rather than storing
    it. It has also been shown to increase lean muscle mass which speeds
    up metabolism. In safety trials, there have been no observed side

    Green tea is
    popular for weight loss since it increases the thermostat of the
    body while suppressing appetite. It contains natural antioxidants
    plus theanine which helps promote calmness.

    is an amino acid that helps your cells burn fat while increasing
    energy and stamina, improving heart and liver health and improving
    tone and function of your muscles. It is one of my favorite supplements
    for weight loss.

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    8, 2010

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