Why Did Jim Wallis Viciously Attack Glenn Beck, When Beck Has All Those Video Clips of Him? Hasn't He Heard of YouTube?

Jim Wallis is a welfare statist who has spent his career promoting the Left’s new Social Gospel to evangelicals, all in the name of the Bible. Here is the Social Gospel, in one sentence: “Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.”

Wallis is a spiritual adviser to President Obama, whom he has known for years. They are, according to Wallis, old friends.

I have had a department devoted to him for years.

Now Glenn Beck is after him. Wallis will get his 15 minutes of fame . . . and then some.

Why is Beck after him? Because Wallis attacked Beck, comparing him with shock-jock Howard Stern. I take this verbatim from Wallis’ March 10 column on his Sojourners site.

His show should now be in the same category as Howard Stern. Stern practices pornography and Beck denies the central teachings of Jesus and the Bible. So Christians should stop watching the Glenn Beck show and pray for him and Howard Stern.