Legalized Mob

The year was 1925 and an u201Cagentu201D of u201Cthe organizationu201D sent Mr. Brown, a small business owner, a letter stating that he would be expected to pay a small fee up front and then 25% a month of his small business’ revenue to u201Cthe organizationu201D if he would like to do business in town. The money, Mr. Brown was reassured, would go to the u201Ccommunity improvement fundu201D which would be used to ensure that small businesses like Mr. Brown’s were protected from any sort of economically harmful competitors or other physical or economic harm. Competitors who did not pay the fees and other monthly charges simply would not be allowed to do business thus providing Mr. Brown and others like him with a favorable business environment. The letter also stated that if Mr. Brown refused these terms of doing business then he too would be refused the privilege of doing business in town.

Mr. Brown, however, was an intelligent and reasonable man and he refused to give into this kind of extortion. He neither wanted nor needed economic protection from this u201Corganization.u201D He simply wanted to do with his own private property what he wished while providing a service to the community that the community wanted.

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Within a short period of time two gun-toting u201Cagentsu201D from the u201Cthe organizationu201D showed up at Mr. Brown’s business, locked him in handcuffs and took him to jail. That’s right jail, because the u201Cagentsu201D were from u201Cthe organizationu201D known as the IRS.

See taxes and other business fees in America are not voluntary. Whether a business owner feels he can benefit from paying these taxes or not and therefore decide for himself whether he wants to participate in the governments social programs is irrelevant. They are mandatory and anyone’s refusal to pay them is considered criminal.

Extortion is defined as occurring when a person unlawfully obtains money, property or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. And coercion is defined as the practice of forcing another party to behave in an involuntary manner (whether through action or inaction) by use of threats, intimidation, trickery, or some other form of pressure or force.

So the key to extortion is that it has to be through u201Cunlawfulu201D means. Federal and state and local governments can engage in extortion because it’s not unlawful if they do it. They make the laws and so they make laws that say then can coerce money in the form of taxes and other fees from the public thereby making it legal, but only for them. Make no mistake about it: taxes and other fees on businesses and people are coerced. Just ask yourself: if you weren’t afraid of being arrested and going to jail would you pay: income taxes, social security taxes, Medicare taxes, property taxes, car registration fees, driver’s license renewal fees, traffic tickets, sales taxes, surcharges, state taxes, city taxes, excise taxes, luxury taxes, estate taxes, usage taxes, gift taxes or any of the other hundreds or thousands of ridiculous taxes and fees that exist on the books in Washington? Of course you wouldn’t and no doubt most have spent their fair share of time complaining about this very thing. Therefore, whether Americans realize it or not the government is using coercion to stock its coffers.

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This inescapable fact then leads us to one inescapable conclusion: the federal government, along with their state and local counterparts, are nothing more than organized crime; a crime being, from the perspective of the people, some entity imposing an unwanted cost of some sort on them without equal compensation. Of course this is exactly what happens when the government taxes people who do not want to pay the tax because they have reasoned that they have no use for the service the government claims to provide with the tax. For example: people being forced to pay into social security and Medicare when they would rather keep their money and make their own retirement investments or people who don’t fly, paying for the FAA and TSA at airports, people who home school their kids paying for the Department of Education, people who don’t drink or smoke paying for the ATF. The examples are plentiful.

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It’s tantamount to paying u201Cprotection moneyu201D to the mob. The government says you have to pay these monies so they can look out for your welfare and if you don’t then they can’t guarantee your welfare because they will arrest you and throw you in jail.

The logic of them looking out for my welfare is an illusion as well. How is my welfare improved when I am coerced into paying taxes to the Department of Agriculture who then pays farmers not to farm in an effort to prop up agricultural food prices for the farmers, consequently causing agricultural food prices in the markets to go up? I’d rather not pay my fair share to the DOA and let those farmers farm and compete against one another so I can have lower food prices. Then my welfare is improved.

Regardless, Americans are not free to make these decisions for themselves. This is not opinion but rather cold hard fact. We also have no say when it comes to implementing new taxes or getting rid of old ones. Whenever the mob decides it wants to create a new tax it simply does it and everyone is forced (coerced) to pay it.

The government will counter with the argument that without all the u201Cnecessaryu201D taxation that it wouldn’t have enough money to operate all its programs; to which we would say: correct, you need to discontinue all your programs because we don’t want them, we don’t need them.

On the surface the government would like us to believe that they are our moral compass. That they know what’s in our best interests better than we know ourselves as absurd as that is — and so they are going to look out for us despite our objections. All we have to do is give them our money and they will do with it what’s best for us. Of course underneath it has nothing to do with our best interests but rather with accumulating political capital and money for themselves and their party.