Secession and State Governors: An Open Letter Encouraging Self-Interest

This article is a letter to the governors of the fifty states of the United States of America.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

You are members of one of the most elite groups of Americans that exists. You are State Governors. There are only fifty members in your "club." Senators have twice as many members in their group, and they are just a Quisling deliberative body. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, and they are held in lower esteem than used-car salesmen. You are the Chief Executive Officers of states whose Gross Domestic Products rival some of the largest nations on earth.

In the beginning of the Republic, Governors were the leaders of sovereign nations. But, over time, the sovereignty of each state was subsumed by Statism. Still, being a Governor is an historic elected position in American governance.

Governors know first-hand how tough it is to get elected to the positions they occupy. And the office of Governor comes with huge power and perquisites. Thousands of people work for you, and millions live under your leadership. Consequently you, being mostly normal human beings, have big egos. You deserve to have a big ego, since you’ve accomplished a very rare feat by getting elected Governor.

Statistically, more Governors have become the President of the United States than have Senators or Representatives. So, the nation considers your experience as the Chief Executive of a smaller entity kind of the "farm system" for the presidential league.

Only a handful of Governors will ever desire the American presidency. A smaller handful will actively seek it, and there is only one President at a time. And of late, American Presidents get two terms if they choose. So, timing is everything for a Governor seeking the Presidency. Often, the timing doesn’t work out.

Consequently, once you become Governor, there isn’t much of a market for your services in higher office, since you’re about as high as you’re ever going to get in "public service."

But every one of you American Governors could contend to become President of a nation.

But not the United States. The un-United States.

You could lead your state in the process of seceding from the United States of America, and your state could become a new sovereign nation.

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Doesn’t the thought of being the Head Honcho of a new nation appeal to you? Wouldn’t you like to be on par with the Presidents of France, China, India, Germany, Brazil or Russia? If you like publicity, think of the worldwide focus that would be on you and your state as it becomes a new nation. You’d be like a rock star. Your every move would be a news story. Every success would redound to your leadership. School children worldwide would know your name, like they know the names of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Founders of the United States, and Sam Houston, leader of the Texas revolution and first President of the Republic of Texas.

You would preside over the creation of a brand new nation, and be credited with lifting millions of souls from under the tyranny of an oppressive, uncontrollable government. Plus, you would be directly involved in the dissolution of the United States. Nothing of such import has been accomplished since the breakup and dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1989.

There are a few caveats, however.

First caveat is your commitment. You’ll likely have to "put up or shut up" pretty early in the game, with no turning back. Once you hop on the back of the secession bull, you either ride the whole eight seconds and win, or fall off and get stomped by a pissed-off bull…to use rodeo parlance.

You’ll be leading a revolution. The Mobocracy Looter Minions in Washington DC will likely not invite you to their parties anymore. They may take a somewhat dim view of your revolutionary talk and revolutionary actions. They might be somewhat resistant to a Declaration of Independence or Ordinance of Secession with your signature on it. But, on the upside, it will be you that negotiates the terms of any treaties or diplomatic agreements with Washington. Sovereignty, like American Express card membership, has its privileges.

Most of your fellow Governors will not support you. They will only take their lips from the Washington nipple long enough to throw an insult or two your way. You’ll have to give up your key to the Governor’s Club washroom.

On the upside, your example of leadership may empower other more timid Governors to join you.

If you simply secede and try to replicate the government of the United States, your leadership and efforts will be destined to abject failure and worldwide ridicule. One of the reasons that the American Revolution of 1776 was successful is that it introduced the world to the Enlightenment ideals of governance, and gave them a new home outside Europe. So, you would have to embrace some very new/old and radical Enlightenment ideals for the structure of your new nation. An upside here is that you have the benefit of history that men like Thomas Paine and John Locke lacked.

But no guts, no glory.

For an example of what could be, let’s look at Texas. Governor Rick Perry has already spoken publicly about the possibility of Texas secession. But nothing has really been done since that statement in April 2009. I think "the Guv" has Presidential aspirations, but I could be wrong. If Governor Perry took the leadership position in the fight for Texas independence, he would be the presumptive favorite and lead horse in that race. However, he would have a very serious contender for the Presidency of a New Texas if Rep. Ron Paul joined the fray, since Paul has been talking the talk and walking the walk of liberty for decades. Putting these two men together as a team could be intimidating and fearsome.

But in your state, there probably is no other person with your name recognition that will challenge you for the new Presidency. And, if you are leading in the formation of the new government and the secession efforts, you will have the pedigree and record to thwart pretenders to your throne.

How do you lose? Where is the downside for you?

Zig Ziglar says "you can get anything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want." Nearly every person in your state wants individual liberty. Nearly every person in your state wants the crushing burdens of Washington taxation, future debt and regulation lifted from their shoulders. And, they share those desires with most other Americans who don’t live in your state.

Help them get it. It may be your last chance at greatness.

But if you can’t get next to the lofty ideals of secession, then think only of yourself and do the things that best promote your persona, reputation and place in the history of the world. Alexis de Tocqueville said that persons who act to further the interests of others ultimately serve their own self-interest. If you help the populace get liberty, they’ll help you in return.

We have lots of ideas here at DumpDC to help you, Ladies and Gentlemen. Just click and read.

May God be with your choices, Governors.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?