Revisiting the Swine Flu Lies and Hysteria

Along with the U.S. government’s numerous military entanglements, there are a series of “smaller” wars that the state carries out against the people who reside within its borders. These “wars” all bear the crisis logo, and they are always targeted at protecting you from something — real, exaggerated, or contrived — that requires massive government intervention and the curtailment of liberties in order to win the war.

The war on the swine flu has been an ongoing affair for the government-media partnership that turned this issue into the most overrated story of 2009. Government officials, up to and including the president, have placed a disproportionate amount of emphasis on a barely notable strain of flu and have used it as justification for embarking on a health jihad that has come to dominate American society. Thanks to this latest offensive, America is chock-full of hallway hand sanitizers in corporate and public buildings; mini-hand sanitizers being passed around like a tin of mints; and posters stuck everywhere telling you how to sneeze, cough, breathe, and properly wash your hands. The Henson Company even produced a collectivist and creepy propaganda piece for children, urging them to get a flu shot for the good of the community.

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