Dear Glenn Beck:

Dear Glenn Beck:

How About One Week for Nullification and Secession?

I enjoy watching your show on Fox News. You deliver astounding facts in an entertaining manner. And I am aware that you are FIRST an entertainer. You have been awarded a prime afternoon time slot because you are adept at entertaining and holding an audience so advertisers can charge confiscatory ad rates, thereby making a profit for Rupert Murdock.

I watch your hour-long program regularly, in which you provide unassailable proof of the widespread criminal behavior in Washington.

I hear a never-ending merry-go-round of subjects like:

  • Van Jones
  • The Cloward-Piven strategy
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • President Obama
  • Bailouts
  • Stimulus money
  • Economic meltdown
  • Cap and Trade
  • Global warming and "Climate-gate"
  • One world government
  • Health care legislation
  • Tea Parties and Freedom Rallies
  • War

But lately, watching has become tiresome.

You must be experiencing a level of frustration seldom known in human history. You are the watchman on the wall…a lone voice crying out in the wilderness…shouting against a howl of info-noise to the assembled citizens to warn them of the fast-approaching dangers. Few even hear you as you explain why Americans, many the victims of government chicanery, are losing their jobs and losing their homes.

And what about that audience? There is such a thing as "fear fatigue." You already know your audience is experiencing it. You say that many people call or write to you, and are afraid and ready to give up. What you don't tell them is that things are going to get much worse, and soon.

Glenn, the one glaring deficiency I see in your program is LACK OF A SOLUTION.

I believe that the American Federal Government has gone past the point of no return. Phoning, writing and emailing Congress will absolutely not change the direction of Washington. Tea Parties, Freedom Rallies and Tenth Amendment resolutions will have no effect on Washington. Yet, that is what you recommend to your audience. It only reinforces their feelings of helplessness.

But there is a legal, moral and ethical solution to Washington's criminal ways:

State Sovereignty. Specifically, State Nullification and finally, State Secession.

Over the last 150 years, the American states have been relegated to the status of large counties. They have voluntarily given up their sovereignty, abandoned their militias, and become sucklings to the Federal sow. Americans must focus locally once again, and each state must become the final arbiter of its own destiny…even if that means that it secedes from the Union.

Want to affect Washington? Leave them to their own devices. State secession pulls the plug on Washington's life support system…which is inevitably money.

How about a few shows dealing with the only truly viable solution to end Washington tyranny? Nullification and Secession.

There are a good number of Nullification and Secession experts you can interview, many of whom have been guests on your show in the past.

Brilliant minds like:

  • Lew Rockwell, Chairman of the Mises Institute and Editor of
  • Thomas Naylor, Professor Emeritus, Duke, founder of 2nd Vermont Republic
  • Daniel Miller, President of Texas Nationalist Movement
  • Kirkpatrick Sale, Director of The Middlebury Institute for Secession Studies
  • WA State Rep. Matthew Shea, author of a recent white paper on Nullification
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano, Constitutional scholar
  • Thomas DiLorenzo, College professor and Expert on Abraham Lincoln
  • Dr. Thomas Woods, Author and Senior Fellow at The Mises Institute

Would this be a bridge too far for you, Glenn? Would Fox News even allow you to air such broadcasts? Would there be a firestorm of invective coming back at you from the Main Stream Media if you began to recommend Nullification and Secession as the Final Solution? Could you withstand the weight of the criticism you know would result from this kind of stand?

I leave it to you, Glenn. Want to vastly increase your audience? Want to be the subject of hot conversation around the world? But most of all…do you want to offer REAL SOLUTIONS to hurting Americans to take back liberty in their own lifetimes?

Run a week of shows in which you explore Nullification and Secession.

What have you got to lose?

Sincerely, Russell D. Longcore Marietta, Georgia Six Letters That Can Change History Following the growing Secessionist Movement in America

PS: Speaking of advertisers, you have some national advertisers selling gold and gold stocks during your show. I think that your advertisers may know something you do not know.