Women Prefer Nerds

Nerdy men attract the best babes! Is there a fatal chemistry between intellectual men and super-glamorous women? So, when Salman Rushdie, 62, attended a recent writers’ gala with 26-year-old Harvard grad and glamorous Min Lieskovsky, he proved ‘men with brains’ are irresistible and sexy!

The poster boy of intellectualism, Rushdie has successfully flaunted his pretty poster girls. Be it the sensual Padma Lakshmi or Pia Glenn, he always gets the best women. Recently, the Globe and Mail reported how the podgy intellectual’s sex appeal was his power and status, which made him a babe magnet. The Daily Mail debated on Rushdie’s secret formula, as he flaunted his new squeeze! Says London-based film producer, Jagmohan Mundra, “Salman always gets the best girls. Intellect is still rated high in the dating world. Women find his attention hard to resist. There’s an ‘awe factor’ being seen with Rushdie, and women love his attention and gaze, with the cameras clicking away.”

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The truth is that successful men always seek beauty. “You seek what you don’t have. If you’re not good-looking, you seek a good-looking partner. Successful men with average looks get the best girls. Women are bored by vain men, who are self-obsessed. So, opposites attract! Most beautiful women want to be in a relationship with men who can stimulate them intellectually, because IQ (intelligence quotient) is what titillates the mind,” adds Mundra.

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Women love the allure of fame and power. Brainy men are never intimidated by beautiful women, but love their admiration. Says model Laila Raouss, “Intellectual men love women with great beauty. It’s a fascinating combination of power, beauty and brains.” That’s something actor Ayesha Dharker also agrees with, “Bright men are very attractive. I admire men like Salman Rushdie, Shyam Benegal, Ismail Merchant, Charles Correa and Girish Karnad.”

Almost every Hollywood heroine finds Woody Allen irresistible! It seems geeks can really captivate. Says Somnath of Sycorian matchmakers in India, “There’s always a high demand in India for nerds and computer specialists, compared to businessmen or architects. They have status, money and power. They get the best girls in the marriage market. Intellectual men are also perceived to be good providers.”

Not only that, they’re also a ‘safe’ bet, and are known to be ‘emotionally sensible’ along with having a high ‘intellectual quotient’. Says Dr Avdesh Sharma, psychiatrist, “In a relationship, couples spend most of their time conversing. Good looks are just the initial trigger. Women look for brain power as they prefer mature men. For men, women’s beauty is something they like to flaunt, initially. They love that women look at them in wonderment and admiration. Of course, women love them for the fringe benefits. A man’s status and power gets him the most gorgeous women.”

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November 16, 2009