What's Your Body Trying To Tell You? Learn the Signs and Symptoms, and How To Restore Health Naturally

Why natural health?

The basic premise behind natural health (as I see it) is to restore balance and health to the body. If you can restore health to the body by changing the diet and taking nutritional supplements, it stands to reason that some of your dietary choices must have something to do with being unhealthy. I think that every action that we take in our day to day life either make us healthier or tends to break down our body over time. My personal goal is to help educate myself and others so that we can make better decisions for our own health and be healthier in the long run.

The natural perspective tends to view the body as a whole and tries to understand what the body is trying to communicate through the symptoms it presents. Is the symptom relating a deficiency? Some of the simpler deficiency signs are: white spots on the nails are a sign of zinc deficiency; numbness in the extremities, tense head, neck and shoulders and sometimes ringing in the left ear are signs of vitamin B12 deficiency; problems with night vision tend to be vitamin A deficiency.

Or is the symptom related to a ‘condition’ such as a liver or gall bladder problem. Symptoms like this can be varied and sometimes are easy to relate, but not always. For example, symptoms that point to liver or gall bladder problems include pain in the area of the liver or gallbladder, burning feet, dry itchy skin, blurred vision, metallic taste in mouth, pain in the big toe or ball of the foot, and dark circles under the eye.

There are many signs and symptoms, but the real success of natural health comes when you can go beyond the signs of the deficiency or condition and find the reason or reasons it is there. Is it diet? More than likely it is. However some of the more insidious problems relate to exposure to environmental toxins or to heavy metal toxicity from metal dental fillings. Many natural practitioners are having success with degenerative neurological conditions by addressing heavy metal toxicity, particularly lead and mercury. With chronic health problems, it is rarely just one issue.

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