2010: Year of the Third Party

Yesterday, Doug Hoffman set the stage and turned the tide with his race for NY-23. Naysayers — Democrats and Republicans alike — will argue the point saying, “But he lost!” YEAH-sayers will wisely counter with, “But he almost won!” Hoffman’s run should serve as a green light for third parties; as a call to Everyman. America needs honest candidates with strong ethical principles, and in 2010 HONOR will have its best chance to make a comeback.

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Remember typing class from way back when? “Now is the time for all good men [and women] to come to the aid of their country.” The time is certainly now. If Americans will accept the challenge of reclaiming America; of putting it back on its Founding Principles, then this coming year — November 2009 through November 2010 — will become the Year of the Constitution, as well as the Year of the Third Party.

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Thanks to Doug Hoffman, citizens now have proof that one person can make a difference; can see the opportunity to save America. I encourage everyone to leave your disappointing alliances with Tweedle-Dem and Tweedle-Pub, and join an honorable third party. Get involved; run for offices at every level; campaign with Tea Party vigor, intent, and confidence. Third parties can only offer strong and viable candidates when good people join them and work together to achieve goals. If saving America and reinstating its fine constitution are not worthy goals, then nothing much matters anymore.

For far too long we have let the Career Political Class handle the business of the nation while we worked at our jobs; paid too many taxes; often spent too much money; and generally clocked too many hours in front of our televisions. Speaking of television, I laughed out loud when I saw the ridiculous clip of Obama demonstrating how he could mop up the mess if only people like you and me would get out of the way. As usual, I responded aloud, “Sorry, Barry, but you have no idea how to accomplish such a task. Hercules, you are not.” An outsider lacks the insights; the commitment; the fixer know-how…the ethics needed to re-found this country. It is time that regular citizens turn our attention and energy to following the upright Mr. Smith to Washington. Congressman Steve King of Iowa recently did it. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) are there working hard for all of us. Now Doug Hoffman has demonstrated the way for average citizens to get to Washington.

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