Sovereignty Resolutions: A Message to the UNITED STATES

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Time after time I see this:

“Sovereignty resolutions are a pointless waste of time. The Federal Government has yet to acknowledge one and they aren’t even legally binding.”

Such a statement can only come from a very narrow view of our current reality.

Sovereignty, above all else legal and otherwise, is a state of mind. Sovereignty is a way of going about things, from the guy sweeping the parking lot to the lawmakers in the statehouse that says to DC “You don’t control us and you don’t make decisions for us!”. No legal precedent is required, only a shift in viewpoint and that’s exactly what the numerous sovereignty resolutions have already brought to the people of several states.

Required for any substantial resistance to the runaway train that is the Federal Government is the will of the people to restore the limits so carefully designed by our founding fathers. Tennessee and Montana are two states who are leading the sovereignty movement and though the Federal Government hasn’t responded to their assertions of sovereignty, one effect is certain and that is the effect on other states.

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October 20, 2009