Red & Green

Van Jones, Obama’s “Green Czar,” finally got booted from the White House.

It’s hilarious to see that the Wall Street Journal reported it as such:

Van Jones, an administration official specializing in environmentally friendly “green jobs,” has been linked to efforts suggesting a government role in the Sept. 11 terror attacks and to derogatory comments about Republicans.

The Journal has, of course, censored the real reasons why Van Jones is gone. No one remembers a 9-11 truther moment from 5 years ago, or cares, and the part about “derogatory comments about Republicans” is a bit anemic, if not laughable. Van Jones was contributing immensely to King Obama’s declining Messiah worship, and so it’s time to clean up Obama’s Dream Team, and get rid of the most radical denizens who are doing his popularity great harm. Van Jones was ultra-controversial not because of Glenn Beck’s show, and not because of FOX news bobbing heads that relentlessly pounded on his tendentious past. Van Jones was compelled to depart because he is not representative of mainstream American.

Van Jones, in obtaining his White House post, received a payoff for his years of tireless efforts in the name of Communism, militant greenism, redistributionism, and yes, anti-white-ism. He came from a radical power structure that was bent on obtaining positions of political power in order to direct payoffs — power, wealth, jobs — to long-time, fanatical associates, and undertake a major campaign to redistribute wealth from the middle class to the minority poor. He was a supporter of the Jena Six — a gang of black boys who engaged in a brutal beating of a white schoolmate — and he co-founded Color of Change, a radical organization dedicated to political empowerment of specific classes of people.

Jones was not a scientist who was dedicated to cleaning up the environment. He, like all people who aspire to high-level political radicalism, had a law degree so that he could move up the ladder of political opportunity. It just so happens that using the cornerstone of environmentalism — a cause embraced and loved by a majority of Americans — was his single greatest launch pad into the political mainstream, which was necessary to give his radical, Communist agenda some political traction. In using the “green” cause to gain attention and influence, he moved quickly through the power ranks, won the adoration of the media, and got noticed for his good deeds by the Left establishment. Look at all of the bullshit “awards” he won, just last year, as he was being placed into position for a mainstream, political appointment. He won a “Paul Wellstone” award, a “creative citizenship” award, and an “eco-entrepreneur” award from Howard University. And his career was kick started twelve years ago by the Rockefeller Foundation — what a surprise! Apparently, in the world of feel-good “awards,” this qualifies as entrepreneurship.

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