Bounce Yourself Fit How to Use Gravity to Get It Done in Six Weeks

With gloomy autumn nights drawing in, it’s tempting to give up the gym or early morning jog and curl up in bed instead.

Now nutritionist and exercise expert Yinka Thomas, has created a fun and easy-to-follow workout using a mini-trampoline. And the best news is you don’t even have to leave your lounge.

Spending 20 minutes on a rebounder a day will help you tone and firm your body in just six weeks.

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‘The reason it’s so effective is because your body feels an increased gravitational (G) force at the bottom of the bounce,’ Yinka said.

‘This can be equivalent to two or three times your bodyweight, and every cell in your body responds to this perceived ‘stress’ by strengthening.’

Starting off

A quality advanced-spring rebounder is advisable because cheaper models have low-quality mats and short hard springs.

The best rebounders on the market are German-made Trimilins and Bellicons, and the American-made Reboundair with prices starting at £139. You can order your Trimilin rebounder from here, £5 from every order will be donated to the National Osteoporosis Society.

Set yourself a goal as per the schedule and stick to it. If you get tired during the workout, try to keep going whilst reducing the level of intensity of the exercise. Remember you can rebound to your favourite music, radio or TV programmes to keep you motivated.

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Also before you start:

  • Ladies should purchase a good sports bra before you start rebounding
  • If you are worried about balance, order front and/or side support bars until you’re more confident to bounce without them. Stay central on the rebounder.
  • Maintain rhythmical breathing whilst rebounding. You should be able to hold a conversation during the main component of your workout.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and rebound in suitable trainers (though you can rebound bare-foot)
  • Always pull your abdominals in whilst performing exercises on the rebounder, this helps you to stabilise and balance
  • Always finish your workout with a cool down and stretch the large muscles of the legs and torso to complete your workout

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WEEK ONE (beginner moves)

Heel lifts: Bounce lightly up and down, lifting heels alternately whilst keeping soles on the mat

Gentle jogging: Bounce slightly higher and at a faster pace, lifting heels alternately whilst keeping sole on the mat

Light bounces: Lightly jump no more than four inches from the mat

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September 28, 2009