JFK's Murder

Many books have attempted to explain why JFK was murdered. A recent one, JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass, does the best job in my opinion. See a review here by Democratic Underground.

"Regicide" by Gregory Douglas explains how the assassination was carried out. The author uses documents obtained from the late Robert T. Crowley, former Assistant Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations for the CIA. His career with the agency began at its inception in 1947 and ended with his retirement in the mid 80's. He was involved in most of the important operations.

Crowley's instructions to the author were that the documents could not be used or attributed to him during his lifetime. When he died in Oct of 2000, this embargo was lifted.

Four of the chapters examine:

  • the facts of the assassination
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Jack Rubenstein ("Ruby")
  • the official cover up

Included in these chapters are translations of the Soviet Intelligence Study, excerpts from the official Warren Commission Report, the Defense Intelligence Agency's analysis and the author's comments.

Later chapters examine the various groups who disliked or hated Kennedy and had the means to terminate his presidency. The group that had the strongest motive to carry out the assassination and the ability to cover it up is highlighted.

Many of the other topics covered will probably be new information to most people. This is because they were disclosed by a very high official who was also involved in the operation.

Here are some in no particular order:

Operation "ZIPPER" (the forced removal of JFK)

This was the code name known within the agency — "this operation was implemented with the help, approval and/or knowledge of the FBI, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson under the aegis of the CIA."

The "ZIPPER" document reveals the names and official positions of those who directed the killers.

LBJ and Gov. Connally planned the trip to Texas 5 months prior to 11/63.

A comment from a Russian about material that could have only come from the President's CIA briefing papers convinced the agency that the Kennedys had been engaging in treasonable activities and had severely compromised a large number of important CIA agents and operations throughout the world.

By late Feb 1963, a general outline of the plot was well set.

Chicago mob boss Sam Giancano was contacted for possible assistance.

He suggested recruitment of the shooters might be better done outside the U.S.

The CIA's liaison with the mob was James J. Angleton, an agent in charge of counter-intelligence. He contacted a friend of his who was with Israeli counter-intelligence. They were asked to eliminate the shooters after their job was done.

George Mohrenschildt, who worked for the CIA, met Oswald by accident through his connection with the Russian community in Dallas. He became Oswald's mentor and, according to a later classified CIA report, his lover.

Mary Pinchot Meyer, a long time mistress of JFK, was shot to death Oct. 12, 1964. She was found in a wooded area near her Georgetown studio.

She'd been shot once in the head and once in the upper body, a professional technique. She was also the former wife of Cord Meyer Jr., a senior CIA official.

Now deceased comedian Bill Hicks had a number of interesting comments about the assassination. Watch a video clip here.

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