Obvious to everyone but Boobus is the coming storm in America. Whether it is initiated by a total economic tsunami, widespread civil unrest, or a false-flag operation gone sour, it is coming.

In an earlier article here, I mentioned my friend Kit’s admonishment that we must "bunch up" to survive the coming calamities, sage advice indeed. While this bunching up can be accomplished in many ways, the community level works best. In a community of like-minded individuals, help is much closer, tasks can be shared and individual talents much better implemented.

Having someone in your group with basic medical skills will be a necessity. If no one presently has those skills, enrolling in an EMT course at a local Community College will prove invaluable. Make basic medicines a part of your cache.

Those who find themselves in an urban environment should consider moving. While you may believe you need to remain there for the income, is it really worth putting your life and family at risk? Urban environments have a much larger concentration of criminals and government employees, both of whom will prove to be your enemy.

Essential to survival are food and water; have ample supplies of both. Store what you eat; canned goods are great. My personal choice is freeze-dried foods; my favorite brand is Mountain House Foods. A good selection can be found here.

I know many will stress the importance of shelter, but I do not believe that to be as important as food and water. Learn to construct an improvised shelter. You may be forced to leave your home. Have caches of supplies stored away from your home, but accessible should they be needed.

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Many believe it critical to have their home debt free. As long as personal property and real estate taxes exists, no one truly owns their home. With income tax revenues presently down over 30% due to economic conditions, it is only a short time before the state institutes a federal real estate tax to compensate for the lost revenues. Then we will see government seizure of private property that may in fact be the trip wire that leads to the breaking point for many.

A good question is, what will become the medium of exchange when the dollar has no value? Any new currency with the backing of government will prove equally worthless. There are many among us who have invested in precious metals. I believe these metals will be valuable once civil chaos subsides, but during the initial stages of civil unrest and governmental tyranny, they will be virtually worthless. Who would be willing to trade food, water, guns or ammo for a piece of metal in a chaotic environment? Necessities will become the medium of exchange.

Ample supplies of guns and ammo are a given, not only for personal use, but for barter as well. A serviceable firearm and a supply of ammo will trade for much more than an ounce of gold.

Critical to survival will be the selection of those with whom you intend to weather the storm. There are many who will talk the talk, but when it comes time to stand in the breach, few will prove worthy. Be especially suspicious of those whose dedication has vacillated in the past, and those who still believe there to be a political solution to the problems we now face in this country.

Be especially wary of infiltrators to your group. Should any new face appear and immediately advocate any form of violence and offer to provide explosives or weapons not normally available, get away from that individual.

Train, train, train and then train some more. If you do not have the necessary skills for survival, find a qualified teacher. While those who teach theory can provide some useful skills, those who have actually survived, either as military personnel (actual combat vets) or through other life experiences will prove to be your best instructors.

Communications offer a real challenge. Cell phones will quickly become a liability when civil unrest occurs. All cell phone communications can/are monitored, either through the National Security Agency or the Army Network Enterprise Command (NETCOM)/US Army Signal Command/United States Army Intelligence Center located at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. In addition, a great majority of cell phones can now be tracked through tower usage or onboard GPS capabilities. Your cell phone can tell fedgov agents your exact location even when it is turned off. Ham and Citizens Band (CB) radios may provide an acceptable alternative form of communication.

Census takers for the upcoming census have been tasked with providing GPS coordinates for each residence in this country. An individual who recently completed census training told me they were taught when/if anyone complains about them being on private property, they are to remain on the property and contact local authorities, for they are "government employees and authorized to be anywhere they are sent in performance of their duties." Damn that Fourth Amendment to the Constitution!

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One can only speculate as to what local authorities will do when they arrive on scene, but my bet is they will support their fellow "government employee" over the private citizen. Local law enforcement agencies have a miserable track record when it comes to standing up for the Constitution and rights of the citizen.

While many will fail to see anything ominous about the fedgov securing GPS coordinates for each of our homes, my first thought went to the number of weapons systems now employed by our military, including JDAM bombs, that use GPS coordinates for payload delivery. The question remains: why does the fedgov need GPS locations for our homes when they have conventional addresses? Is there a new form of mail delivery in the works we have not heard about?

One must remember when considering the above that those of us who support the Constitution, have supported Third-Party candidates (read Ron Paul), demand accountability in government and have served the state in its unconstitutional wars, have been deemed enemies of the state. We all know what the state proposes to do to its enemies, real, or imagined!

Prepare my friends, prepare. Opposing the state’s unrelenting march to fascism/Marxism is going to demand preparation.