The Silence of the Liberals As Obama launches "war on terrorism" II

I see that the Pentagon has reversed its old policy of refusing to allow photographs of thoseflag-draped coffins as our dead soldiers return from the battlefield. One wonders, however, how much interest there will be in taking and publishing such photos now that President Barack Obama is in office. One also wonders how long it will take the media to acknowledge the new quagmire we’re sinking into if and when the numbers of casualties start increasing — as they are sure to do.

After all, Obama’s war is going to be taking place on a much larger, more difficult canvas than that of his predecessor’s, which was confined in large part to Iraq. All of Afghanistan will soon be teeming with newly-arrived US soldiers, sent there — direct from Iraq — to fulfill the President’s pledge to start fighting the "right war" in the right way, a "smart" way. Oh, these guys (and gals) are the Best and the Brightest, alright, aren’t they?

The smarty-pants tone and style of this administration is already beginning to grate on my nerves, as they pander to their base on the symbolic issues — like the coffin question — in hopes no one will notice as they backtrack on more important matters. So far, it doesn’t seem to be working out all that well.

Glenn Greenwald isn’t cutting them any slack on the torture brouhaha — he’s already pointed out that they’ll still be torturing people, albeit not with their own hands in some instances, and that if Guantanamo is closed, Bagram — where similar activities are known to take place — is going to be open for "business."

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