I'm Tired

I'm tired.

I'm tired of the career politicians who do nothing but deny knowledge and lay blame on others in an effort to do nothing more than save their own political skins to the detriment of you and me.

Politicians like Chris Dodd who said on Tuesday March 17th that he absolutely had nothing to do with the language in the bailout bill that allowed AIG bonuses to be paid by Feb. 11th with bailout money. Then today, March 18th, he appeared on CNN and in his words: "stepped up to the plate" ( political talk for doing the right thing, which is a big deal inside the beltway ) and said that "people" from the treasury department came to him and asked him to add an amendment ( loophole ) to the AIG bailout bill at the last minute to allow for the payment of bonuses. When asked who these "people" were he said he didn't know exact names. He also said that he didn't write the amendment and didn't know what exactly it said, even though his name was on it. What a load of bulls**t. Especially considering Sen. Dodd was the biggest recipient of AIG-related donations in the 2008 presidential campaign cycle. To his credit he did apologize for the "confusion" (more political talk for lying and getting caught).

I'm tired of the federal government, in their holier-than-thou arrogance, prosecuting people for "lying to federal prosecutors" or "lying to federal investigators". Are you kidding me? It's logistically impossible for anyone to lie on a greater scale and with more profound consequences to our country than what the government engages in on a daily basis.

I'm tired of the shenanigans of these bloated politicians assuming that I'm an idiot and don't get it.

I'm tired of being told we live in a democracy and can vote for whomever we want when there are only 2 candidates on my ballot and if I vote for whom I want, and his name is not on the ballot, then my vote will not be counted.

I'm tired of being associated with the herd of sheep mindlessly being herded towards the slaughter house with the doors wide open and feeling as if we somehow deserve our oncoming fate.

I'm tired of reading about how we need more people like Ron Paul in office so we can make a peaceful change from the inside out. Well Dr. Paul, bless his heart, has been on the inside for a long time as the government continues to grow to universal proportions and he continues to be marginalized.

I was born in 1963 and my whole life someone has been protesting: the Vietnam war, President Nixon, stagflation, the Iran contra scandal, the S&L bailout, slick Willy's hummer in the oval office, G.W.'s private war and now the socialization of our nation. AND NOTHING CHANGES.

How many dot com's are there out there for policing the government? This tax group and that tax group; this civil rights group and that one. And for all their well-intentioned, valiant efforts the government continues to grow in size and power and our civil liberties, our American dream continues to die.

I'm tired of working as an indentured slave in order to fund the federal government's antics with special interests and high-stakes fundraisers.

I'm tired of the police state coming into my car, my home, my life assuming that I don't have the common sense that the good lord gave me so they have to be my moral compass; what a joke!

I'm tired of the uneducated majority continuing to elect one puppet after another.

It's become obvious that the time for peaceful measures is long past. No monarchy, no despot, no tyrannical government has ever been brought down without blood-shed and ours will be no different. It's time to strike the federal government at the heart. The problem is that the federal government is at the top of the social food chain: they have the military and the money. There's not much we can do about the military but I propose we do something about the money.

If we just simply stop funding the vile, infectious vermin in our government then they will have no choice but to stop doing what they are doing.

My first thoughts about this were to calculate what my share of a constitutional government would be and to only pay that amount in income taxes: defense, treasury, executive, legislative, judicial etc…I rejected that idea though for the following reasons:

  1. Over the course of my working life, I've already paid more than my share to fund a constitutionally legal government for the duration of my life.
  2. As I mentioned earlier: the time for half measures is long past. A measure is needed that will actually make a difference and kick these sons-a-bitches in the ass.

Therefore, I have gone to my HR department at work and doubled my allowances on my W-4 from 5 to 10. I'm going to do whatever I need to do to make sure that during the year I pay as close to $0 in income tax as possible. Then in April rather than filing a tax return I'm going to file my personal declaration of independence from the federal government. Not a declaration of independence from the United States but rather from the despotic government that enslaves her.

I realize the consequences this will mean for me and my family (I have two children 10 and 4), but I'm tired. It will be the most meaningful thing, the most important thing, the most patriotic thing that maybe I've ever done. I'm finished being an enabler. I'm doing it for my family and all the other families that suffer. I'm doing it for the courageous people that have come before me. People who have had the intellect and courage to speak regardless of the consequences: Cindy Sheehan, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and others.

Shame on us if we don't do whatever needs to be done to change things. We need to fight smarter not harder and if we can't outfox the numb-nuts in congress and B.O. then shame on us.

I'm just tired of the bulls**t!

March 20, 2009