Scots Drink the Equivalent of 125 Bottles of Wine Each Per Year, Study Reveals

A new Scottish Executive study has found people north of the Border drank nearly 50million litres of pure alcohol in 2007, an average of 11.8 litres for everyone aged 16 and above.

The total is equal to 520 pints of four per cent proof beer, almost 500 pints of five per cent lager, 42 bottles of vodka or 125 bottles of wine.

This level of consumption puts Scotland eighth in the World Health Organisation’s league table of alcohol sales and is almost two litres more than in England and Wales, who are 15th.

Another set of new statistics reveal the alcohol death toll in Scotland is rising, with women north of the Border more likely to die from drink-related diseases than English men.

But the death rate in parts of Glasgow is more than ten times as high as the national average for men and nearly four times as high for women.

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February 25, 2009